Why Facebook might put Blu-ray to use on big data

Facebook is looking at almost all options to address the storage needs of its myriad applications that all have different requirements around performance, scalability and efficiency. Flash can be too fast and hard drives to slow, but Facebook wants something just right.

UltraViolet might be too little, too late

Hollywood is finally starting to make good on its promise to allow consumers to buy a movie once and watch it anywhere. But in my latest piece on GigaOM Pro, I argue that UltraViolet does little to combat a visible shift in consumer behavior.

The Pirate Bay launches 3-D section

The Pirate Bay announced Wednesday morning that it is now in the business of offering 3-D movies, destroying the hopes of Hollywood that 3-D would be something of an automatic piracy deterrent. With prices for 3-D TVs declining, the phenomenon is poised to become more popular.

H.264 is still winning the codec war

H.264 remains the dominant force in online video, as the video codec now accounts for more than two-thirds of online video, according to a blog post by MeFeedia. Meanwhile, Google’s WebM format has yet to gain any significant traction after being released a year ago.

Netflix helps boost Blu-ray player and disc sales

It may have taken consumers a while to warm up to Blu-ray, but now they’re buying both players and discs. Lower prices may be part of the reason for that trend, but many consumers cite Netflix as the primary reason to buy a Blu-ray player.

Buy a Movie on Blu-ray, Watch It on Your Android Device

With the Blu-ray release of Unstoppable, 20th Century Fox is unveiling a new feature that will allow owners of the Blu-ray disc to copy the movie to their Android mobile devices. But will the feature actually make people want to own physical movies again?

DRM FAIL: Five Broken Copy Protection Schemes

This week, we learned that the HDCP copy protection scheme is now essentially broken. HDCP’s failure is just one of many examples of copy protection technology not living up to its promises of security. Read on for five of the most glorious examples of DRM FAIL.

Copy Protection Makes Dozens of Blu-ray Titles Unplayable

Owners of Samsung’s Blu-ray players have been unable to play dozens of Blu-ray titles from Warner and Universal due to copy protection gone awry. Some have been struggling with these issues for months, and Samsung’s customer suport told one caller a fix could take a year.

Reports: Apple Skipping Blu-ray, Heading Straight for Streaming

Apple (s AAPL) could skip Blu-ray discs altogether and head straight to streaming video online, if we believe two reports that have popped up over the past few days. Considering Apple’s history of picking winning technologies, that could signal bad news for Blu-ray’s future.

Vid-Biz: YouTube, Comcast, Current TV

YouTube Renegotiates Another Music Contract; video site renewed its deal with Dutch royalty collector Buma/Stemra, allowing it to show professionally-produced music videos…

Stung By Blu-Ray, And Yet, No One Cares

A year since HD DVD conceded defeat at last CES, Blu-Ray and its backers will be touting their so-called success at this year’s CES, but the…

Netflix Streaming to Samsung Blu-Ray Players

You’ll now be able to stream Netflix content through two of Samsung’s Blu-Ray DVD players, and the two companies say they’ll be collaborating to integrate Netflix’s service on a range of home entertainment products.

Universal Ending Its HD DVD Exclusivity

What a week for the two camps: after Warner Bros. pulled out of HD DVD camp, and denials by Paramount of going completely Blu-Ray, comes the…