Bloom Energy

Report: Bloom Energy raises another $130M

The Valley’s fuel cell startup Bloom Energy has now raised over $1.1 billion, according to a report. While Bloom has gotten strong traction, particularly with data center operators, fuel cell manufacturing is difficult and capital intensive business.

Report: Advanced Equities to close up shop

Advanced Equities, a controversial investment group in Chicago, is closing up its broker-dealer operations, reports Fortune. The firm had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cleantech startups in recent years, but recently settled charges with the SEC, hurting its reputation and costing it $1 million.

Fisker keeps on raising funds

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive has managed to raise $100 million of its planned $150 million round, bringing the company’s funds to a eye brow raising $1.2 billion. Advanced Equities led the fund raise.

Bloom Energy is raising another $150M

Fuel cell maker Bloom Energy is raising another $150 million at a pre-money valuation of $2.7 billion, according to DowJones VentureWire. If closed, Bloom Energy will have raised $800 million over its 11-year lifetime.

What you need to know about data centers & biogas

At first glance biogas — gas that is produced by the breakdown of organic matter — and data centers that are powering the world’s always-on websites don’t seem like a clear fit. But some data center operators are researching ways to use biogas and here’s why:

Fall of nuclear could give boost to fuel cells

Now that Japan, Germany and other European countries have started to move away from nuclear plans, large fuel cell makers like FuelCell Energy are seeing an uptick in interest in those countries. That’s what FuelCell Energy CEO and President Chip Bottone told me in a recent interview.

AT&T to install Bloom Energy fuel cells

Silicon Valley’s high profile fuel cell company Bloom Energy has scored its first deal with a telco: AT&T, which said it plans to install 7.5 MW of Bloom’s fuel cells, which it calls Bloom Energy Servers, at 11 AT&T offices in California.

Top 10 Earth2tech Posts of 2010

The year in greentech was influenced by a whole grip of startups, investors, innovators, and policy makers. But when it comes to page views, there were a couple of companies that dominated: Bloom Energy, and Bill Gate’s TerraPower. Here are the Top 10 stories of 2010:

A Bloom Box A Day, A Couple Months Away

The chief of the oh-so-buzzy fuel cell company Bloom Energy, K.R. Sridhar, told Reuters at the media company’s climate conference this week, that in a few months Bloom Energy will have ramped up production enough to produce one Bloom box per day.