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Blip launches studio focused on branded content

New York-based Blip, long a leading platform for independent video producers to get their work seen on YouTube, will launch a Los Angeles studio, where it will work more closely with content creators to tailor genre-based video for advertisers. raises $12M, changes name to… Blip? has raised another $12 million in funding and debt and changed its name to Blip, dropping the .tv top level domain from the company logo. Why the change? So viewers won’t confuse the content with things that are made for TV.

The Golden Age of Choice and Cannibalization in TV

Internet video is growing at a significant pace. It has not yet taken a chunk out of the broadcast and cable audiences, but over time it will steal share from broadcast and cable just as cable stole from broadcast, which stole from radio before that. Predicts Best Quarter Yet for Web Creators is predicting its best quarter ever for fourth quarter 2010, thanks to sponsors including Samsung, Reebok and Kraft. Of course, while creators will be able to optimize their revenue, a show’s ability to be sustainable depends on its audience. Leveraging HTML5 for Google TV was one of the first online video partners to announce support for Google TV today, with a new page and video player optimized for Google’s Internet TV platform. The Google implementation also affirms’s commitment to open standards, with a video player built in HTML5. Going HTML5, With Advertising is joining the HTML5 party, and it’s doing it with a brand new player, due to launch in the next couple of days. The new player supports advertising, maintains Blip’s previous look and feel, and will be about five times faster than the Flash player.

Grindhouse Fans Gotta Check Out Missing Reel

Hey, Quentin Tarantino, guess what? I found your new favorite web series. And it’s not just you who’s going to like it — any hardcore fan of classic exploitation movies will enjoy the detail-rich Missing Reel, which makes even offensive subjects palatable.

Anyone But Me Crowdsources $17K For Season 3

Teen drama web series Anyone But Me has raised $16,950 from its substantial fanbase over the last two weeks, thanks to a fundraising campaign kicked off two weeks ago by a three-day web-a-thon. 379 people so far have donated to the cause. Raises $10.1M for Web TV Distribution has raised a $10.1 million round of financing aimed at rapidly growing its business for the distribution and monetization of web video shows. The funding round, which is the company’s third, was led by Canaan Partners and included existing investors Bain Capital Ventures.

Blip Does It All for Branded 7-Eleven Racing Series is teaming up with 7-Eleven on a branded web reality series which will follow two teams as they race across the country to Indianapolis Motor Speedway while buying all their needs — including gas and food — at 7-Eleven convenience stores. Wraps Up Whirlwind 2009 With a Sold-Out December

Mike Hudack, CEO of–which hosts and distributes user-created web shows–has been urging content partners to advertise in December saying “there’s money to be made.” In this interview, he explains what’s currently driving the company’s best month ever. Inserts Ads Into iTunes Video has discovered a way to insert dynamic DoubleClick ads into QuickTime streams, which means content creators could implement pre-, post or overlay ads on to their video podcasts on iTunes.