Black friday

This Black Friday, eBay, PayPal are feeling flush

Forget hitting the mall. Holiday shopping is now all about lounging on your couch, missing the retail store madness, and ordering things online, And this Black Friday, the kickoff of the annual Holiday shopping frenzy, both Amazon and eBay are off to a great start

Live Blogging Black Friday

I am going to be linking to stories, stats and other random factoids over next day or so, tracking Black Friday. If you would like to share stories, just leave them in comments or share links with me on Twitter (I am @om on Twitter.)

Black Friday Poll: What Are You Buying Today?

TVs, streaming media boxes, Blu-ray players with Netflix and Hulu Plus support: There’s so much to chose from this Black Friday, so what are you buying? A big screen for your web videos, a hard drive for your downloads? Or are you waiting it out?

Black Friday Deals for Cord Cutters

A Google TV Blu-ray player for $300, an antenna capable of receiving OTA HD TV signals for $5 and a Roku box for 20% off: Those are only a few of the Black Friday deals we’ve found for people ready to cut the pay TV cord.

Black Friday Deals Coming from Apple

In an email sent out to customers and on, the company invites you to “Wrap it up this Friday” at a special one-day shopping event on Nov. 26. This year, the tradition goes worldwide, with various international stores also advertising the impending sale.

Apple’s In-Store Black Friday Deals

It’s finally Black Friday, and shoppers are out looking for bargains. Apple’s in-store prices aren’t so low, but there are some bargains, and good Apple product prices from other retailers.