Biz Stone

The afterlife: When founders leave

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is stepping away from the site’s day-to-day operations. While many folks in the industry have seen this coming for months, the news has still raised eyebrows. But Stone is not the first person to step away from a company he helped start.

News Flash: Twitter Already Is a News Network

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone caused a stir when he mused during an interview about the company helping to create a “Twitter News Service” for major news organizations. But the reality is that Twitter is already a distributed news network — it just needs better filters.

Memo to Malcolm Gladwell: Nice Hair, But You Are Wrong

Author Malcolm Gladwell argued in a recent piece for New Yorker magazine that the influence of Twitter and other social-media tools on social activism has been over-stated, but as Twitter co-founder Biz Stone notes in an essay of his own, this argument has some serious flaws.

Twitter Founders: Gladwell Got It Wrong

“Laughable,” “absurd,” “ludicrous” and “pointless” were words Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone used Monday night to describe a recent Malcolm Gladwell story in the New Yorker about the futility of social media to create real social change.

Twitter Wants to Capture LBS Mojo

Twitter plans to launch a location-based feature that reveals the latitude and longitude from which an individual is tweeting, co-founder Biz Stone…

Biz Stone Talks Up the Future of Twitter

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone says his company’s technology will evolve based on what its users are doing on the microblogging site; only…