Big Apple – the new Big Data Central?

When it comes to NYC’s tech scene, digital media and commerce companies get all the attention, but city’s big opportunity could very well be as the hub for the “data centric” economy. From startups to web giants, many are making a beeline for the Big Apple.

How To Shorten URLs Anywhere With Automator

It’s become common practice to use services such as to shorten URLs, but this is usually done using a bookmarklet script, which only works in browsers. This Automator service allows you to select an URL in any application and shorten it using the API.

Wanted: Data Scientists to Turn Information Into Gold

Data scientists are becoming employees as companies try to tap the river of data they’re generating to improve their products or build new business opportunities. Here’s a look at how companies are turning more to these data gurus to help lead them to success. Bundles Now Allow Hyper Personalized Wikis, the URL link-shortener, took a turn last month into content curation with Bundles, its tool for packaging and preserving multiple links. Today the company is opening up the tool for collaboration among users, allowing people to share and create collections of relevant information.

New York Times Looks for Answers in Data

A pair of New York Times researchers have been poring over the newspaper’s data, looking for a way to understand the way influence plays out online. The work shows how organizations are looking to mine their data to find ways to improve their operations.

iLife and iWork ’11: My Hopes and Dreams

An upgrade to iWork and iLife is almost guaranteed for Wednesday, so I thought I’d share my hopes for the software bundles. These aren’t necessarily predictions. Instead, they’re the things that kinda drive me nuts about the two suites and which I hope to see fixed.

Twitter Is Finally Filling the Link-Shortening Hole

Twitter is finally moving to fill one of the biggest holes the social network has had since it launched — the lack of a built-in link shortener. The new feature is designed to aid in security, but will also provide a valuable stream of data. to Twitter: So Long, and Thanks for All the Links

John Borthwick of Betaworks, which created the URL shortener, says that the company is healthy and growing, despite the fact that it is no longer the default shortener used by Twitter. The social network broke off its formerly close relationship with in December.

My Wish for 2010: A Personal Dashboard for the Social Web

Give, give, give — that’s all I (and other social web users) do. But I hardly know what happens to my status updates, comments and photos. I think it’s about time for a personal dashboard to track and view what happens to what we share online.