Joule says its amassed over $110M for solar biofuel hybrid

Looks like investors are still willing to fund pre-commercial next-gen biofuel startups. Joule — the startup behind the unusual hybrid solar-biofuel technology that launched back in 2009 — announced it has raised a third round of funding of $70 million, bringing its total funding to $110 million.

Genomatica’s IPO: By the numbers

Turning renewable materials such as plants into useful chemicals seems a great idea, particularly when these green chemicals can replace compounds made from crude oil and natural gas. Genomatica, which filed for an initial public offering on Wednesday, certainly hopes investors will agree.

Biofuel maker KiOR faces questions over funding

Freshly minted as a public company, biofuel producer KiOR reported Thursday that it brought in no revenues and widened its losses for the second quarter. It also faced questions about raising money for a processing plant when the economy is still struggling.

Oil Giant BP Backs Biofuel Startup Verdezyne

Biofuel and biochemical startup Verdezyne lands investment from British oil giant BP and Dutch biochemicals company DSM — yet another biotech startup teaming up with big boys to bring green fuels and chemicals to bigger scale.

KiOR Lands Chevron JV as Biocrude Buyer

KiOR, the biofuel startup that’s planning a $100 million IPO this year and seeking a $1 billion federal loan guarantee, has just landed a second sizable potential customer: Catchlight Energy, a JV between subsidiaries of oil giant Chevron and forest products giant Weyerhaeuser.

KiOR’s S-1: By the Numbers

KiOR, the Khosla-backed startup that says it can make low-carbon bio-crude at rock-bottom prices, plans to raise up to $100 million in an IPO. But what does it plan to do with the money?

Startup Turns Plastic-to-Crude Oil, Gets VC Cash

Trash king Waste Management has joined a $22 million investment in startup Agilyx, which has technology to turn plastic otherwise headed for the landfill into a synthetic crude oil. The garbage and recycling company has one of the more interesting investing strategies out there.

KiOR Lands Hunt Refining as Biocrude Buyer

Khosla-backed startup KiOR has a new customer for the biocrude it hopes to start producing in 2012 — Hunt Refining Co. It’s an important step for a startup seeking $1 billion in federal loan guarantees. Hunt has agreed to buy an unspecified amount of product.

KiOR Seeks $1B DOE Loan Guarantee

Khosla-backed bio-crude startup KiOR is seeking a $1 billion loan guarantee from the DOE. The company announced a term sheet Thursday, which may or may not lead to an award, but if secured, will be crucial to the company’s plans to scale up production.

Energy Chief: The Long March to U.S. Clean Power Goals

Energy Secretary Steve Chu laid out near- to long-term research and deployment plans to meeting goals set by President Obama in his state of the union speech. Aside from solar, electric cars and energy efficiency measures, Chu also is bullish about nuclear power.

Gevo Lowers IPO Target to $100M

Biofuel startup Gevo has lowered its upcoming IPO to $13 to $15 per share. That’s about $100 million, or $89 million after fees, less than the $150 million it targeted in August, but close to what analysts have predicted.

Biofuel Startup LS9 Raises $30M, Led By BlackRock

Biofuel and biochemical startup LS9, which is using a genetically modified version of e.coli bacteria to make diesel, has closed a round of $30 million led by the investors at BlackRock, and also including the company’s existing investors Khosla Ventures, Flagship Ventures and Lightspeed Ventures.