Microsoft to Google: Bing it on

Microsoft has spent billions to make Bing a search contender against the heavyweight champ Google. Now it’s inviting users to judge for themselves with an online contest. Check it out and let us know how it goes.

Microsoft search guru outlines big Bing changes

Microsoft’s top search guy took to the Web Thursday to show off a refreshed interface for Microsoft’s Bing search engine, that he said better incorporates the user’s social media contacts in a new sidebar which brings in their Facebook and Twitter contacts input.

Barney Pell on parking, payments and QuickPay’s future

Barney Pell has a new startup. The serial entrepreneur, who sold Powerset to Microsoft, has founded a new company called QuickPay, which aims to revolutionize the way that people find and pay for parking. QuickPay has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Fontinalis Partners.

Microsoft goes HTML5 with new Bing for Mobile Hybrid Apps

Microsoft is launching Bing for Mobile Hybrid Apps this week that are built on HTML5 and take the best of native apps and blend with them with a robust mobile web experience, providing faster updates, more consistency between platforms and added search functions.

Microsoft’s Bing Comes To The iPad

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is making its iPad debut with an app for its Bing search engine. The app, which is available today, features a strip…

Better Bing for iOS and Android, but Not Windows Phone 7

Microsoft added welcome improvements to Bing for Mobile today: faster methods to access weather, transit information with real-time scheduling data, local movies and more. The features were built with HTML5 so they work on iOS and Android devices, but not yet on Windows Phone 7.

Google Looks for Better Social Search as Rivals Ramp Up

Google is finding its social legs and is launching a set of improvements to its search product that help it keep pace with rivals, who are increasingly weaving social signals into search results. Google is now including more results that are created and shared by friends.

Bing Mobile: The Swiss Army Knife of Apps?

Bing Mobile is getting a serious update on the iPhone and to a lesser extent on Android, with a handful of mobile specific features that draw from other existing apps and services. The update is designed to make Bing Mobile a go-to resource for mobile users.

Could Google Instant Be Worth $1.5 Billion in 2011?

Despite Google’s comments that its new search update Google Instant has had a minimal effect on revenue, it hasn’t stopped Morgan Stanley from upping its revenue estimates by $1.5 billion for 2011, based largely on the strength of Google Instant’s potential impact.

Google Shows Thin Skin, Pushes Back on Criticism

Google today on its quarterly earnings call broke out some numbers that it doesn’t historically give (and doesn’t promise to give in the future): revenue and monetization rates for display, video and mobile advertising. The intent was to show that Google isn’t just a search company.

Microsoft Links Facebook To Bing

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is expanding its relationship with Facebook, bringing information from a user’s friends on the social network to its…

Yahoo Makes Its Search Results More Visual

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has repeatedly said that even when it completely integrates Microsoft’s back-end technology its search results will disti…

Want Bing Mobile for Android? Get a Verizon Phone.

Microsoft released the Bing for Mobile Android Application today, but the software is exclusive to Verizon Wireless handsets. This follows Skype Mobile as another third-party app that’s limited to a carrier, not a platform, which is a disturbing trend and could bring consumer backlash.

Carriers Are Playing the Field When It Comes to Search

T-Mobile USA bumped Yahoo in favor of Google as the default search engine on some handsets, and AT&T tapped Yahoo over Google to power search on its first Android handset. The moves underscore the importance that carriers continue to play in mobile search.

Shocker: Microsoft Talks Bing And … Profits

It says something that it’s news when a Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) executive says the company actually expects its online business to be profit…

Admit It, Microsoft: You Suck at the Web

Microsoft is many things, but it’s not a successful web company. For 15 years, Microsoft has tried time and again to become a major player online. Yet despite having the most popular browser, it’s never really monetized the web in a significant way.

Microsoft Reduces Bing's Personal Data Retention Profile

Microsoft , with a nod toward privacy, has announced that it will limit the amount of time that it stores IP addresses of web searchers using the Bing search engine to six months, down from 18. The move follows similar policy shifts at Google and Yahoo.

Bing Becoming Search in Name Only

With Google having tied up the search market, Microsoft is redefining the category to include browsing and discovery. Executives at a press conference in San Francisco today presented Bing as a portal that organizes information to anticipate what users may want to know and decide.

Year-End Search Lists: Data Porn Based on Flimsy Science

It’s good that Bing, Yahoo and Google can agree on at least one thing for their closely timed year-end search-term roundups: Michael Jackson was tops in 2009. But as we’ve been griping for years now, these lists are mostly useless and misinterpreted.