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Ray Ozzie sounds off on NSA spygate

Updated: The deal U.S. citizens struck after 9/11 exchanging privacy for security should be up for renewal or at least subject to debate, says former Microsoft top tech guru Ray Ozzie.

GigaOM’s top 10 cleantech posts of 2012

Show me — that’s the common thread in the top 10 most-trafficked GigaOM cleantech stories of 2012. Exclusive photos and videos of emerging clean power and electric car technologies lead the year. (OK, we’re not so surprised by that.)

Can metamaterials perfect satellite broadband?

After four years, Intellectual Ventures is spinning off the second company from its vast intellectual property portfolio. Kymeta is focused on using materials not found in nature to build radio-wave shaping satellite antennas, which could be used to connect any boat, plane or truck to the internet.

Amazon launches Vegas trade show for AWS developers, users

Save the date: Amazon will host its first-ever partner and customer conference at the Las Vegas Venetian in late November. With this move, Amazon looks more like an old-school IT vendor than ever. It recently announced an official partner program, another sign of IT maturity.

And the greentech VC exodus continues

It’s no secret that it’s been a rocky road for many venture capitalists that have invested in greentech. Now according to Dow Jones Venture Wire, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which has one of the largest greentech portfolios, is shifting away from investing in greentech startups.

The long, long (long) road for algae fuel

Algae fuel startup Sapphire Energy is in the process of raising $144 million to build out its first commercial demonstration plant in New Mexico. It’s impressive, but it’s also about three years behind its original projections. Why does algae fuel take so long to scale?

Algae startup Sapphire Energy raising $144M

Algae biofuel is getting a massive infusion of money. Startup Sapphire Energy, which uses synthetic biology to make a green crude out of algae, announced on Monday that it’s raising $144 million in a Series C round from investors including agriculture company Monsanto.

Abound Solar suspends production, lays off 180

The past year has been difficult for solar panel makers as many of them shuttered factories and filed for bankruptcies. The latest sign of this bleak time comes from a Tuesday announcement by Abound Solar, which is now suspending production and letting go of 180 workers.

10 ways Chinese investors are dominating cleantech

Chinese investors and the Chinese government are starting to aggressively fund U.S.-based cleantech startups. There’s been a half dozen of these deals in recent weeks and months, so I thought I’d put together this list to point out the 10 big ones I’ve been watching:

Ray Ozzie starts to emerge from stealth mode

It looks like development superstar Ray Ozzie is about to come out of stealth mode: The force behind Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service project and Lotus Notes is starting to hire developers for his new “Cocomo” project.

Bill Gates says TerraPower is in discussions with China

Bill Gates says the nuclear startup TerraPower that he has backed is in preliminary discussions with the Chinese government, as well as the governments of Russia, India and other countries, too. TerraPower will most likely commercialize its tech outside the U.S. first.

Gates understands why Jobs said mean things about him

While some may have bristled at Steve Jobs calling Bill Gates an unimaginative copycat in the Jobs biography released last week, Gates says he was not one of those people. In fact, Gates says he gets why Jobs said disparaging things about him.

Steve Jobs and why technology doesn’t matter

A new biography of Steve Jobs quotes Bill Gates as saying that the Apple co-founder “never really understood much about technology.” While the Microsoft billionaire likely saw that as a put-down, technology is arguably the least important thing about Apple’s most successful products.

GE, NRG back Israeli water-to-energy startup

Turning wastewater – from cities or food processing plants – into electricity has always attracted investors fancy. Now an investor consortium of GE, NRG Energy and ConocoPhillips is making its first bet on an Israeli technology developer via its new fund called Energy Technology Ventures, the companies said Tuesday.

Bill Gates backs human waste-to-fuel tech

Making energy from poop can be a good profit-making and social enterprise. That’s the aim of a research project at Columbia University, where a professor is getting a $1.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a waste-to-energy technology.

A Big (Tax) Break for Algae Fuel Makers

Algae fuel is likely decades from powering our vehicles, which is one of the reasons that federal lawmakers already are focusing on tax breaks for companies in the field. Yesterday the House passed a bill that gives $1.01 per gallon tax credit to algae fuel producers.

Why Macs Will Never Get Blu-ray

Steve thinks that with a Time Capsule or an online backup system paired with YouTube for sharing video and iTunes at the center of it all with media consumption, the industry has made Blu-ray obsolete before it even makes it to Mac machines and I agree.

Bill Gates The Brand

For decades, Bill Gates and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) were synonymous. Even when he left Microsoft to focus more on the Bill and Melinda Gates…

When demos go bad…

I ran across a post today that ought to make you feel better about that VC presentation or conference demo you flubbed…