The New Early Adopter Trend: Shilling for Startups

I’ve noticed an irritating trend in the startup world: After adding my email to a launch page, I get asked to submit a few of my friends’ email addresses in exchange for a higher place in line or earlier access. It’s annoying, but it apparently works.

Tethering Coming to (Some) iPads?

A big problem with the 3G-capable iPad is that I can’t tether to other devices, like I can with my iPhone. If I could share my 3G connection, then I’d get far more use out of my iPad’s connectivity. Could tethering finally be on the way?

New Features in iPhone OS 4 Beta 3

This week saw the release of a new beta for the upcoming iPhone OS major release, version 4.0. Beta 3 brought a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements, but it also brings some more noticeable changes the user experience of everyone’s favorite smartphone device.

Chrome for Mac Beta Available Now

As of this morning, you can download the beta version of Google’s Chrome for the Mac browser. It’s missing some things found in its Windows counterpart, but what is there is very impressive. First Impressions

I’m obsessed with Cloud Computing. So at this week’s Macworld, the moment Phil Schiller announced the availability of Beta, I was all over it, practically foaming at the mouth as I feverishly bashed the URL into Safari.

Beta Is Dead

Beta, as it pertains to web sites, has seen better days. Not long ago, saying the word as part of your web…

Mac Games Arcade Open Beta Released

Mac Gamers may have gotten improved video performance with the latest MacBook line refresh, but their Windows counterparts still have the upper…

Firefox 3RC1 Released

After all the months of waiting, it’s finally here! No, I don’t mean the rumored Apple tablet, sorry. Nor, more realistically, am…

Skitch Updated, Now in Semi-Public Beta

UPDATE: Alright, NOW you can sign up on for an opportunity to get into the Skitch Beta program. UPDATE: I guess…

1Passwd Update for Safari 3 Beta

Wow those guys work fast! No sooner did Steve announce the availability of Safari 3 beta, and there’s an update for 1Passwd…