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Ebook Bestsellers: A newspaper’s longform experiment pays off

Many newspapers have tried ebooks as a new revenue stream, but the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s “In the Footsteps of Little Crow” stands out. Curt Brown’s extensively researched narrative of the 1862 U.S.-Dakota War is #13 on the NYT ebook bestseller list this week.

Planning to buy a new Kindle? Wait

The current Kindle Touch models are either unavailable or shipping in 8 to 9 days on Amazon, suggesting that new models are coming soon — possibly including a front-lit Kindle to compete with Barnes & Noble’s Nook with GlowLight.

At $1.7 billion, Nook is worth more than Barnes & Noble itself

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble are teaming up to take on Amazon and Apple. The $300 million investment in the Nook subsidiary of Barnes & Noble gives Microsoft about 17.6% ownership of this business unit and values it at about about $1.7 billion, more than Barnes & Noble itself.

How the e-book landscape is becoming a walled garden

Apple’s decision to reject an e-book by Seth Godin because it contains hyperlinks to books in the Amazon store is just another example of how the oligopoly that controls the market for e-books is turning the landscape of reading into a walled garden.

E-book market forecast to hit $5.2B as the book industry burns

I’ve never seen an industry change faster than digital publishing, where the sudden love of e-books created a “backdraft” that set the entire value chain aflame. These three large-scale shifts will result in a U.S. e-book marketplace that exceeds $5 billion by 2016.

Why Google should buy Barnes & Noble

Many are saying that the Kindle Fire is an example of a company finally getting an Android tablet right. But the Nook was the first tablet that was priced cheaply with a curated approach to content, and that content-first approach could big a big asset to Google.

Netflix will be pre-installed on the new Nook

Netflix is going to launch an app on the new Nook, introduced earlier this morning by book retailer, Barnes & Noble. Netflix will come pre-installed on the device that is going to be available in stores on November 17, 2011 and will cost $250.

Barnes & Noble to fight Kindle Fire with new $250 Nook

Barnes & Noble unveiled its answer to the Kindle Fire Monday with the introduction of the Nook Tablet, a more robust version of the Nook Color that will feature beefier hardware and a wider array of content options. The device wil sell for $249 starting next week.

Will Book Publishers Ever Be Irrelevant?

At the London Book Fair, publishers are getting their heads around how digital content is changing their business, but it still feels like a clash of civilizations: publishers talking about what the next big thing is, while Amazon and Google simply make the next big thing.

How E-Books Are Coming Full Circle Thanks to Tablets

E-book device makers are increasingly looking to get into the tablet market for a few reasons: more control over the experience and revenues from apps are two big reasons. Ironically, this is move back to where e-books all started more than 10 years ago.

As E-book Sales Explode, Consumption Patterns Change

Barnes & Noble VP Marc Parrish addresses the evolution of books. Authors have always been trying to publish as universally as possible. Now with electronic publishing, the idea is to try to get your media out to the greatest number of people as quickly as possible.

Android This Week: Sprint Does Droid; NOOKColor; HTC

Many companies are riding the wave of Android’s popularity; Sprint as much as any. The company’s popular Android smartphones have netted it a record number of subscribers. Barnes & Noble is riding the wave too, as its new NOOKColor is essentially an Android tablet.

The Book is Dead! Long Live the Book

Did you hear that Barnes & Noble is up for sale? The sale is a watershed event in the history of modern publishing. It foretells a future where the book of yesterday and today will look very different from book of tomorrow. And I love it.

Another eReader Lands on the iPad

Customers of have been waiting for a version of the eReader program to hit the iPad. That wait is over as Barnes & Noble released eReader Pro for the iPad last night. Users of eReader on other platforms will feel right at home.

Barnes & Noble Bookselling Shifting to the Cloud

Brick and mortar bookstores may one day be a thing of the past, as the business is steadily shifting to the digital realm. Barnes & Noble released its latest financial picture, and the digital business is significantly out-pacing the physical side of the bookselling business.

Why e-Book Reader Sales Are Seen Heading South

Although dedicated e-book devices with wireless connectivity are popular, an expected onslaught of slates and tablets with additional functionality will relegate the e-book reader market to a second-class citizen, according to a forecast out today from UK research firm Informa Telecoms & Media.

BN eReader for iPad Available

Barnes & Noble has released the eReader application for the iPad. The new reader application has functionality similar to the Kindle for iPad app, and can read e-books for the B&N Nook as well as from the eReader bookstore. E-books can be lent to friends.


Can Skiff Be a Lifeboat for Beleaguered Print Media?

The digital media industry is in its infancy, but giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are realizing the potential of the e-book market. Although Amazon will not divulge sales figures for its Kindle electronic book readers, analysts estimate as many as 1.5 million have been sold this year. B&N has only just released its Nook reader, but early orders have outpaced production, and the company is already increasing capacity to keep up. The e-book market is definitely hot right now, but is it strong enough for an upstart like Skiff to save Hearst from the print business?

How the Nook Nicked B&N's Q2 Numbers

For Barnes & Noble, sold-out pre-orders for the Nook were a rare bit of good news in its second quarter, but chasing demand for the device is forcing it to hike its investment in manufacturing. Still, it thinks the e-book game is one it can win.

Is Alex the New Barnes & Noble e-Reader?

Updated: Spring Design entered the e-book market today with “Alex,” a dual-screen device running Android (s goog) and boasting a full-blown mobile…