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Obama Touts Orion Energy . . . Why?

President Obama visited a company called Orion Energy Systems, which makes energy-efficient lighting and solar power projects, last week and touted the company in a weekend video. Given such an all-out endorsement, I would expect a rockstar company — not so much.

Obama, Mobile Broadband Won’t Save Us

Last night in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama promoted jobs, high-speed rail and high-speed wireless access. I’m all for fast wireless broadband, but relying on wireless to solve this broadband gap is like relying on low-fat Twinkies to solve the obesity problem.

What Obama Really Meant: Cut Coal Waaay Down

President Obama went out of his way to include natural gas in his definition of clean energy in the State of the Union last night, quietly pointing to the fact that coal is the real problem, and also bringing attention to the debate over natural gas.

The State of the Union, the Economy & Broadband

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech is tonight, where the commander-in-chief is expected to espouse jobs programs and improving the economy in America’s communities. But no rallying cry is complete without acknowledging the pivotal role broadband can play reaching these goals.

President Obama Says “It Gets Better” To Gay Teens

Over the last month, over 2,000 videos have been contributed to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project for LGBT teenagers, with countless more statements of compassion scattered across social networking sites. Last night, President Obama joined those speaking out on Youtube — but should he have?

Obama on Video: Leno and Iran

By bringing his messages to different media, President Obama is making history. Last night he was the first sitting president to appear…

Obama Eyeing Better Place?

Electric vehicle infrastructure startup Better Place has been raking in headlines for the past several weeks with its announcements of partnerships with…

Obama Infomercial Online Now

For those unable to tear themselves away from their computers, the Obama campaign has uploaded tonight’s half-hour infomercial/commercial/whichever, entitled American Stories, American…

Startup du jour: mFoundry

STARTUP: mFoundry, based in Sausalito ELEVATOR PITCH: mFoundry helps businesses mobilize, and targets a variety of verticals, including mobile advertising, mobile banking,…

Opera browser on Pocket PC

I love it when some pesky start-ups bitch slaps a giant, especially one which has a lock on most of the user-interfacing…

Cisco flexes it VoIP Muscle

Cisco has won a major VoIP deal with Bank of America reports BoA will replaces nearly 362 PBXes and will deploy…