Is Internet access a fundamental human right?

Vint Cerf is one of the fathers of the Internet, but he argues that Internet access shouldn’t be seen as a fundamental human right — simply as a tool that enables other rights. But is this true? And what are the implications if he’s wrong?

Why big apps require big bandwidth

Web applications that are deployed in one or a few data centers can watch their bandwidth costs exceed their server and hosting costs as their applications scale up, according to a paper looking at what telecommunications companies can offer as cloud providers.

Am I addicted to the internet? Maybe, but so what?

A British study found that people who went without the internet for 24 hours were “upset” and experienced “withdrawal.” But is this really surprising? It’s become obvious that internet access is a core function of modern life — talking about it as “addiction” misses the point.

The storage vs bandwidth debate

Cloud computing depends on the idea that we will have ample and cheap bandwidth that will allow us to access various types of information and services on any kind of device, anywhere. This need only goes up as we start living in an on-demand world.

Asia Will Become the New Center of the Internet

Internet traffic will grow seven-fold between 2010 and 2015 to reach roughly 1.2 zettabytes globally, and by 2015, video will comprise half the traffic on the web according to a new report. That’s much less video than a similar forecast from Cisco predicts.

What Happens When the Cloud Meets a Bandwidth Cap

The cloud is a wonderful thing, allowing us to backup files to remote servers for just pennies a month. But what happens when something goes awry and your backups start sucking up huge amounts of bandwidth? It’s not pretty, especially when you have a usage cap.

How Bandwidth Caps Force Us All to Become Network Cops

Bandwidth caps seem like not a bad idea, until you find yourself struggling to figure out how your home network suddenly started downloading hundreds of gigabytes of data in a matter of days, and you have blown through your monthly limit in less than a week.

Bye, Bye Qwest and Hello Cloud!

The merger between CenturyLink and Qwest officially closed today, creating the nation’s third largest phone company in a world where being a phone company means less and less. I spoke with a company executive about making cloud acquisitions and the ever-growing demand for bandwidth.

Ohio University Blocks Netflix, Backpedals

Are students watching so much Netflix that fellow class members don’t have any bandwidth left to study? Officials at Ohio University think so, and they briefly instituted a complete ban on all Netflix video streaming on their campus network this week.

Is Consumer Content Up Next for Aspera?

With more huge files and data sets making their way across the Internet every day, Aspera’s work of speeding the transfer of that data is never done. And although the company still focuses primarily on the enterprise, consumer content might be on the horizon.


Who Will Profit From Broadband Innovation?

Demand for broadband and the value of a broadband connection are both on the rise, even as the cost a service provider can charge for such connections drops. Figuring out a business model that benefits service providers and consumers — and that continues to drive innovation — was a key theme at “The New Broadband Buildout,” a GigaOM Bunker Session held last week in our San Francisco office. The event, which featured heated debate about the fate of broadband innovation, also tackled the thorny issue of finding a broadband business model for future.