Bandwidth Caps

Netflix to Comcast: Raising the cap is not enough

Netflix isn’t satisfied with Comcast’s announcement that the broadband provider is going to raise its bandwidth cap from 250GB to 300GB per month. The real issue, the video service said, is Comcast’s unwillingness to count its own service as part of that cap.

EyeIO: Netflix’s secret weapon against bandwidth caps?

Palo Alto, Calif.–based video encoding startup eyeIO came out of stealth mode Wednesday and immediately announced an impressive first customer: Netflix is using eyeIO’s encoding technology to lower the bitrate of its HD video streams, which should help the company both in mobile and emerging markets.

How BitTorrent wants to save the Internet

This week’s talk about usage-based billing has been a bit of a deja vu for BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker, who thinks the solution isn’t to charge or slow down customers. Instead, he believes smart technology can solve our problems and save the Internet in the process.

Good News for Netflix: Shaw Raises Bandwidth Caps

Shaw is raising its bandwidth caps, making it easier for its customers to enjoy Netflix streams without the fear of overage charges. The cable operator is even introducing unlimited bandwidth broadband plans — but only for those who also subscribe to its pay TV services.

Data Hungry Mobile Apps Eating into Bandwidth Use

It’s easy for consumers to blame constant web browsing and occasional online video as the big bandwidth hogs, but mobile apps shouldn’t get a free pass. The number of apps is growing, as is their usage, and some gobble up more than 100 MB per hour.

Netflix Data: AT&T Caps Not That Generous After All

AT&T is arguing that most of its DSL customers won’t even get close to its new 125 GB bandwidth caps. However, new data from Sandvine suggests that one in three Xbox 360 owners is already consuming 80 GB per month, thanks to a Netflix subscription.

Netflix Traffic Now Bigger Than BitTorrent. Has Hollywood Won?

Netflix continues to grow, with its streaming service now making up more Internet traffic than BitTorrent file sharing in North America. That might seem like a big win for Hollywood, but the traffic growth also comes at a time when ISPs are introducing bandwidth caps.

Bandwidth Caps Force Netflix to Cut Video Quality in Canada

Netflix is trying to attract new Canadian subscribers to its streaming video service, adding new movies from Paramount yesterday. But adoption of the service might be limited by bandwidth caps that have caused Netflix to lower the default video quality setting for Canadian users.

Canada’s Netflix Rebellion Against Bandwidth Caps

Canada’s Netflix users can expect cough up some extra cash starting March 1, thanks to regulation forcing smaller ISPs to bandwidth caps and overage charges. Bandwidth caps will be as low as 25 GB — unless growing public pressure will make regulators change their mind.

Verizon to Put Live TV on the iPad

Verizon demoed an upcoming iPad app today that will allow FiOS subscribers to watch linear programming available on their TV screens also on tablet devices. The app is expected to be rolled out next year and Verizon expects all its content partners on board by launch.

Will Internet TV Be a Victim of Bandwidth Caps?

Bandwidth caps might not affect many users now, but with services like Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus just gaining momentum, iSuppli warns that carrier plans to set limits on the amount of bandwidth consumers use could pose a threat to the emerging Internet TV segment.

GigaOM White Paper: The Facts & Fiction of Bandwidth Caps

Beginning on Wednesday, Comcast is going to start capping the total amount of data you can transfer using their broadband connection, to 250GB per month. In order to give you a better understanding of the issues at hand, I have teamed up with my old friend Muayyad Al-Chalabi to release this white paper, “Broadband Usage-Based Pricing and Caps Analysis.”