Another company for the networking startup files: Pica8

After raising $6.6 million in October, Pica8 is launching its combination of OpenFlow-based hardware and the software to control massively scaled-out data centers. The company is hoping that buyers will rip out old gear and replace it with its commodity switches and software.

Will Facebook Play Nice With the Chinese Government?

Reports from Chinese sources say that Facebook is in talks with local search giant Baidu to create a social network in China. But will Facebook be able to live with the kinds of things it will have to do in order to appease China’s totalitarian government?

In China, Baidu Fights Google for Control of Android’s Search

Baidu, China’s most-used search engine, is reportedly working with handset makers to become the default search box on Google Android phones. Such a move by Baidu would completely negate Google’s primary business reason for offering Android free-of-charge to handset makers: earning mobile search ad revenues.

Are U.S. Investors Financing Censorship in China?

Google has had to change the way its Chinese website operates, after the government there threatened to remove the company’s licence. But one expert in China says the real problem is Google’s competitor, Baidu, and the fact that its ongoing censorship is backed by U.S. investors.

GOOG v BIDU: A Tale Of Two Stocks

It now seems all but official that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) will pull its search operations in China; Chinese media says Google will make an anno…

The Future of the Web According to Baidu

As the web rapidly moves toward real-time information, the future of the web is box computing, in which you can power up…

Baidu Launches Search Site For Seniors

Baidu, which already controls 64 percent of the search market in China, is now targeting senior citizens. Last month, the search engine laun…

Earnings: Baidu’s Q2 Profits Up 87 Percent

Chinese search engine Baidu (NSDQ: BIDU) reported its Q2 results today, and its profits came in at 265 million yuan, or $38.6 million, versu…

Earnings: Baidu Revenues Up 107.5 Percent

Baidu’s revenues for Q307 increased by 107.5 percent year-on-year to RMB496.5 million (US$66.3 million). Net income for the company was RMB1…