Data protection designed for the cloud era

Outages and data loss reinforce the critical importance of thorough disaster recovery and business continuity.Today’s cloud-based solutions, however, are limited — something data protection vendors have been addressing.

Zetta raises $9M more for enterprise cloud storage

Cloud-storage provider Zetta has closed a $9 million Series C round. The company has now raised $31.5 million overall, an indication of just how much promise there is in the cloud storage space even, even if it’s still just relegated to backup.

How to downgrade from Lion to Snow Leopard

A few folks have asked me how to go about stepping back from Lion to Snow Leopard. It’s possible, but unfortunately you may not be able to easily take your current apps and documents with you unless you’ve cloned your original Snow Leopard drive.

Let’s talk about the broadband-cap gap

The cautionary tales around broadband caps are trickling in and as I read them I wonder if amid these caps the web ecosystem is failing consumers (and maybe teleworkers) when it comes to broadband and cloud services.Here’s how and where things are breaking down.

Mac Backup Strategies for Worldwide Backup Day

Today is Worldwide Backup Day, when we celebrate taking precautions so as not to lose data. The best backup strategies take a layered approach to provide different levels of protection. I’m going to focus on three layers for protecting your Mac: online, nearline, and offsite backups.

iOS 101: Migrating to a New iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

When you get a new iOS device, such as a new iPad 2, you’ll probably want to transfer data, settings and content from an old device to the new one. Luckily, even if you’re new to Apple products, it’s not difficult to do. Here’s how.

How to Preserve Your Music CD Collection on a Mac

Music CDs take up space, break easily, get lost and aren’t nearly as easy to organize and manage as a hard drive-based iTunes collection. But backing up your discs isn’t as easy as you might think. Luckily, we’ve got three great ways to do it.

How to Back Up Your Data & Installation Discs

With the advent of the App Store, it seems arcane to think that software is still being distributed on disc. But even if you buy into digital distribution completely, what about all of your existing installation discs? Here’s how to preserve them using image files.

Backblaze vs. CrashPlan: Mac Backup Smackdown, Round 2

Online backup companies know that once you pay for the painstaking initial data dump, you’ll likely stay a customer long-term, because of convenience. But could unique features and attractive pricing convince you to switch? Today we turn to Backblaze and CrashPlan to find out.


Strategies for the Future of Digital Content Storage

Growth of digital content in homes and businesses continues to grow, fueling a demand for more and more storage. And though inefficiency and usability gaps in this market are showing, so too are the opportunities companies can seize to create convenient, secure and redundant storage infrastructure.

Quick Tip: Backup Checkup

Whether you backup via an online service, Time Machine, a cloned backup or manually, you’ve probably forgotten something critical: testing. A good backup strategy is generally something simple and automated. You “set it and forget it,” but you really shouldn’t.

Apple Backup Returns with an Update

Apple has quietly introduced a much needed update: Backup 3.2. I’m a big fan of Apple’s easy-to-use, yet often quirky backup solution. However, I had noticed that the program was quite long in the tooth. Did Apple follow my suggestions on what to change? Barely.

The 11 Best iPhone Apps of 2009

Bolstered by arrival of the 3GS, launch of in-app purchasing and push notifications, the iPhone apps of 2009 have become richer and more robust experiences. Across 11 categories, here were this year’s standouts.

The iPhoto Backup Dilemma

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The Perfect Girl for iPhone

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Backblaze Online Backup Service

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LifeBoat Review

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Dead Man Dancing

The founder’s reprieve between funding rounds never feels long enough. Way too often, you find yourself in a room asking your investors…

DRM or Digital Rights Migraine

In my opinion, it’s not acceptable for consumers to have different terms of use for content playback on particular platforms (case in…