Video star Socialcam sells to Autodesk for $60M

Socialcam, the popular though sometimes spammy video sharing app, is taking its services to Autodesk, which bought the small startup for $60 million. Autodesk, known for its design software, expects to close the deal in the third quarter is reportedly set on keeping Socialcam independent.

Autodesk Draws Up a SketchBook Mobile App for Android

Autodesk believes Android has grown to become a viable opportunity, enough so that it is bringing a version of its popular drawing app SketchBook Mobile to the platform. It’s another sign that Android is becoming a destination for big-name developers as it competes with iOS.

AutoCAD Returns to Mac, Debuts on iPad

Autodesk, the software company behind 3D design and engineering software, AutoCAD is releasing a Mac version of its software. it is launching a new free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that would allow owners of AutoCAD to edit & share files on these devices.