How to watch the Olympics without cable

NBC requires viewers to verify they are pay TV subscribers before accessing any of the live streams of the London Games. So what’s a cord cutter to do? Luckily, there are plenty of perfectly legal ways to watch the coverage without cable.

Jumio says use your webcam to swipe credit cards

Jumio, a secretive online-payments startup created by Jajah founder Daniel Mattes, is finally ready for its close-up. And it’s a fitting metaphor, because Jumio is enabling online credit card payments made by scanning a card with a computer webcam.

Enole: It's Like OpenID for Your Phone

An ambitious startup named Enole is trying to bring the spirit of OpenID to the mobile environment, by building a near-field communications (NFC) platform that developers can build on to get devices to carry their owner’s identity. It’s sort of like OpenID for your phone.