A few of our favorite things: Headphones and headsets

For our inaugural edition of our weekly holiday gift ideas, we’ll be looking at an essential for iPhone, iPad and Mac owners alike: headphones. Mostly, we’ll be talking about stereo headsets that also feature mics and remote controls, which work with recent Macs and iOS devices.

Apple Said to Have Hired the Audio Genius Behind THX

Apple has reportedly hired Tomlinson Holman as its new audio chief, according to a tweet by Leo Laporte Wednesday. Laporte has it “on good authority” that Holman “is joining Apple to run audio.” Holman created THX, and could shake up computer and mobile audio at Apple.

Podcast Rundown Part 2: Audio for on the Go

Audio podcasts have been around longer than their video counterparts. There are plenty of great Mac-related podcasts out there to choose from, but these are the ones that offer consistent quality and the best content. It’s a veritable feast of Apple news and information!

Pump Up the Volume With Jambox from Jawbone

Jawbone, famous for Bluetooth phone headsets, wants to help you jam with the new Jambox wireless speaker. The portable system delivers the full audio spectrum to provide realistic sound when listening to music or playing games. The device functions as a high-quality hands-free conference call system.

Myna: A Surprisingly Good Online Audio Editor

Earlier today, I stumbled across Myna, an online audio editor. Normally, I am skeptical of such online audio tools, but Myna is by Aviary, the folks who’ve created some very fine online image editing tools, so I decided to give it a whirl.

TechUniversity Freebie: Intro to Recording a Podcast

Today we’ve got a full-length TechUniversity freebie for you! Embedded below is a 17 minute screencast on recording a podcast with GarageBand. We’ll walk you through what equipment you need and how to record and export your podcast with GarageBand.

TechUniversity: Logic Pro Recording

In this screencast, we’ll cover the basics of recording in Apple’s Logic Pro audio workstation software. We’ll cover adding tracks, cycle mode, punching in and other recording tips.

Apple Stores Can Now Replace iPhone Displays While You Wait

For many of us, the iPhone has become a staple item in our daily assortment of tech gear. Like any product that gets heavy use on a daily basis, sometimes it can fail. For the iPhone, that means a trip to the often crowded Genius Bar for help. Now as more consumers are adopting the digital device, Apple is facing an increasing number of iPhones in need of repair. The good news for consumers is, the majority of those repairs can now be done by your local Genius.

App Review: AudioBoo — Twitter for People Who Want Their Voice Heard

[appreview] title=AudioBoo image= price=FREE url= rating=silver [/appreview] Do you tweet? Then maybe you should Boo! It’s like a multimedia Twitter, designed especially…

Review: Replug

I recently got my hands on an interesting device, the Replug. The design of the Replug is meant to work much like…

Earbud Showdown

A couple of months ago, while burning calories on an elliptical machine, I noticed that my trusty Apple earbuds were increasingly sounding…

The New Road to Riches, Redux

Following up on my last October’s cover story, The New Road to Riches, many more people are coming around and embracing the…