IBM builds memory chips one atom at a time

Computer and memory chips usually tend to get smaller over time, but in a paper published Thursday in Science, IBM details how it’s building memory chips that would be 100 times more dense than today’s hard drives by starting with the smallest building blocks: atoms.

2011 Will Be Green IT’s Proving Ground

Green IT – doing more computing for less energy — has a couple of potential breakthroughs brewing in 2011. That might give the IT industry a better view of just how important saving energy is for their customers.

Farewell, Legend of Neil, You Naughty Game-Changer

Today’s the series finale of’s The Legend of Neil, and the show’s signoff — an epic 20 minute mash-up of pop culture references and real character moments — is a more than fitting farewell to the NSFW Nintendo-spoofing series that established Atom as a comedy brand.

Q&A With Legend of Neil‘s Sandeep Parikh

The Legend of Neil returned this week with the premiere of its final season, and director Sandeep Parikh discusses what we can look forward to, his Comedy Central blind script and why, exactly, he might not make any money on Season 3.