Hard to find Asus Chromebox earns good reviews

Some people who pre-ordered the Asus Chromebox saw their delivery date come and go while others were able to rustle up a unit in retail stores. Is there an issue of supply or demand? Tune in to our weekly podcast to hear our thoughts.

Asus and Netgear set to jump on the Google TV bandwagon

Look who’s in the Google TV camp now: Both Asus and Netgear are set to release Google TV-powered devices soon, based on FCC filings unearthed this weekend. Netgear’s box looks like a typical Google TV streamer, but the Asus device is a bit of a mystery.

Asus PadFone 2 is a modular phone and tablet combo

Tired of synchronizing data, media and apps between a phone and a tablet? Asus is hoping so; the company introduced the PadFone 2, a powerful Google Android phone that docks into a thin 10.1-inch tablet shell and powers the slate for dozens of hours.

30M Asus computers to run Android apps thanks to Bluestacks

Bluestacks, makers of PC software that can run Android apps, scored a big partnership with Asus. On Monday, at the yearly Computex show in Taipei, the company will announce that 30 million Asus computers will include Bluestacks’ app player, bringing Android mobile apps to Windows PCs.

Details of Google’s Nexus Tablet start appearing

Although not officially announced yet, some details of an anticipated Google Nexus Tablet are surfacing online. Our own server logs shows 92 recent visits from Android 4.1 devices in California where Google is based. Here’s what we know and what we expect from Google’s Nexus Tablet.

Can a phone power your tablet? Yes, says Asus

Asus is launching its modular PadFone handset and tablet in Taiwan, giving consumers the option to power a tablet with a phone. The 4.3-inch Android 4.0 handset looks and behaves like a traditional smartphone but fits into a 10.1 tablet shell, which is a touchscreen display.

Review: Transformer Prime; best Android tablet yet

The Asus Transformer Prime has several “firsts” for 2012. It’s the first tablet to use Google’s Android 4.0 software. And it’s the first tablet to run on Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip. So does first equal best? In this case, yes for those who like Android.

Video look: Asus Transformer Prime and keyboard dock

Asus kicked things up a notch at CES with the Transformer Prime and Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor, making for the best tablet gaming I’ve seen yet. The Transformer Prime with keyboard dock should run for at least 18 hours; here’s a look at this potent portable.

First look: Android 4.0 on the ASUS Transformer Prime

We’ve seen Android 4.0, also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google’s mobile platform, on a phone, but not on tablets. That changes with this video from Nvidia, showing off 1080p video and 3D gaming thanks to the Tegra 3 inside ASUS’s Transformer Prime.

Asus Tops Greenpeace’s Green Gadget List

Which gadgets on store shelves are the greenest right now? From the show floor of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Greenpeace says that would be gadgets from Asus, as well as HP, Acer, Sharp, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung.

Computex Tablet Show Begins — MSI, Asus Drop Slates

All eyes are on the Computex show in Taipei which is underway today and there are already a number of tablets on display to compete with the iPad. Computer makers Asus and MSI are taking the scattergun approach as both companies are showing off several slates.

ASUS Working on Netbook Using Plug-in Phone

The company that kicked off the netbook craze is reportedly working on a netbook that uses a phone plugged into the device for connectivity. ASUS is using the modular phone system by Modu for connectivity on an as-needed basis by popping the phone into the netbook.

Crowded E-Book Market Makes Room for ASUS DR-900

The e-book device market is eerily similar to the MP3 player space 10 years ago. Only a few players have survived — is there room for another e-book reader today? ASUS must think so, because it introduced its DR-900 today at CeBIT.