Arianna Huffington

AOL exec is new CEO of HuffPo, will report to Arianna

Huffington Post has a new CEO who will be tasked with building traffic and revenue and continuing the brand’s international expansion. The move comes at a time when parent company AOL appears to have figured out how to manage its media properties.

Huffington: Smart experiment, or old-media mistake?

Huffington Post now looks less like a blog network and more like a traditional media entity, having launched its own weekly digital magazine for the iPad — but is launching a subscription app a smart way of branching out, or a sign of old-media thinking?

Critics of HuffPo news “theft” are missing the point

The Huffington Post is facing new accusations that its writers “steal” content from other media outlets by aggregating it. Not only are these charges argubly untrue, but content companies that complain about this kind of “over-aggregation” are missing the point about how news works now.

Is HuffPo UK just young, or unambitious?

Arianna Huffington has made much of her ambitions to expand into Europe and beyond — but with just two weeks until the British version of the site launches, the evidence suggests it might not be as aggressive as its American parent.

Engadget Defection Exposes AOL’s Major Weakness

The mass defection of the Engadget staff to a site run by SB Nation does two things — reinforces how SB Nation could become a major player in the media space, and shines a spotlight on one of the major weaknesses in AOL’s growth plans.

Why Didn’t a Newspaper Create HuffPo?

In less than six years, Arianna Huffington and her team built a media operation second only to the New York Times in terms of traffic, and almost as valuable, while traditional news organizations have struggled to grow online. Why? Because they have too much to lose.

Twitter Report Card: Arianna Huffington

Whether you like it not, Twitter is changing the way people communicate, and media companies are eager to harness this new tool. Every week,…

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Following the delay of keynote speaker Elizabeth Edwards, the Personal Democracy Forum had to rework its morning schedule. After a panel whi…