iOS App Store rule change could be targeting pay-per-install apps

Apple’s iOS App Store has introduced a significant rule change: no more apps that promote third-party apps that look too much like Apple’s own App Store. But Apple may not be targeting quality app recommendation services as much as cheap knock-offs and pay-per-install marketing campaigns.

Appsfire builds a page rank system to score apps

Appsfire is introducing App Scores, a new way of pinning an iPhone app’s worth to a simple number. The automated system works takes into account dozens of signals and comes up with a number from 1-100 that should help inform people’s download decisions

Apple kills Chomp for Android

Apple acquired app discovery service Chomp earlier this year, betting that it would help make app discovery easier and better on its iTunes Appstore. The casualty of that acquisition is the Chomp for Android (search and) app which seems to have been discontinued.

Appsfire Scores $3.6M As App Discovery Demands Grow

With Apple App Store hitting the half billion mark and Android Market poised to overtake it later this year, it’s a busy time to be in the app discovery business. Appsfire, a France-based startup is reaping the benefits, scoring $3.6 million in Series A funding.

Will Video Previews Help Android App Sales?

The Android Market will soon let developers offer video demonstrations of their software, helping consumers better understand what they’re buying before they actually purchase an app. AppsFire, a third-party Android software discovery app, has already integrated the video functions, which could help sell more apps.

Appsfire 2.0 and Android Market Improvements Better App Discovery

Appsfire, a popular app discovery tool, just got updated to version 2.0 on Android, delivering its handy Appstream tool to Android devices. The move follows announced improvements late Friday to Android Market, which should also help some of the discovery issues for Android users.