Apple TV

Apple TV gets HBO Go and sports with WatchESPN

None of this makes Apple TV a viable cable replacement for those who want premium content and live sports because it still requires that pesky cable subscription. But Apple is slowly broadening its living room play to compete with Xbox and Roku.

No Apple television yet, but Apple is testing them out

Apple is testing TV designs, but before you get out your wallet, remember that these are just prototypes. We’ve heard these rumors before, and we’ll likely continue to hear them as Apple figures out how to move its strategy for the living room beyond “hobby.”

Will the future Apple TV be TiVo redux?

That Apple is negotiating with cable companies and other content owners to get live television and older episodes of TV shows on Apple TV is not news. What is interesting is the detail in Thursday’s Bloomberg story about what the holdups in the negotiations are.

Watching Bonnaroo at home thanks to “live TV”

The way I’m watching Bonnaroo from my living room has nothing to do with how we’ve defined live TV for so long. Instead, the music festival is flowing into my TV thanks to broadband and an easy-to-sync-up array of gadgets from Apple to Samsung HD.

Apple’s TV plans: my takeaways from the WSJ report

On Sunday the Wall Street Journal published a report on Apple’s television plans. I had to read the story at least three times to really figure out what exactly Apple is doing when it comes to television. Here are my takeaways from the report.

Use your iPhone or iPad to carve a cooler pumpkin

Every Halloween for the past few years, my family and I have used apps to design our jack-o-lanterns. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do it, too, from our favorite apps to a way to include the whole family, using your Apple TV.

Watching video podcasts on your Apple TV

Podcasts have become a good way for cord cutters to get up to date info in lieu of broadcast news or TV shows. Thanks to the Apple TV, bringing them into the living room is a piece of cake. Here are two ways to do it.

Dijit and Beacon: One remote to rule them all

With Griffin Technology’s Beacon IR controller, video viewers will be able to navigate live TV, video on demand and multiple streaming video services all from a single application. The Dijit app provides the ability to search and navigate all your devices, while also incorporating social features.

Online TV’s Next Big Battleground: Apps With Ads

Countless apps on the iPad and iPhone use ads for monetization. However, if you bring those apps to the TV, these overlay ads might appear up on top of traditional broadcast content, which is a plan that some broadcasters really don’t like at all.

Media Unbundling: How Will TV Get “Everywhere”?

The barrier to media unbundling is figuring out how to make money if you do unbundle. The first step towards real “unbundling” is to put the viewer at the center of audience building — not channels, shows, or their massive and massively inefficient audience-seeking promotional campaigns.

Gaming Could Be Apple TV’s Killer App

New evidence has emerged suggesting that games could be added to the next version of Apple TV’s operating system. That’s good news for Apple fans, who have already shown interest in gaming across other iOS devices. But with limited storage and a limited controller, questions remain.

Cord Cutters Survival Stories: Going All-Apple

Joey Celis has been without cable TV for two years. He also doesn’t get any OTA broadcast TV due to reception issues. So how does Joey watch TV? One word: Apple. A combination of Apple TVs and Mac Minis helps him to watch everything he wants.

New Jailbreak Brings Full Browser to 2nd Gen Apple TV

Want to do more woth your Apple TV then just access iTunes and Netflix? Then you might be interested in a new jailbreak tool that maks it possible to install a full HTML5-compatible web browser on the device. Just don’t expect it to play Hulu videos.

Vid-Biz: Netflix, Apple TV, The Young Turks

Today on the Net: The Young Turks sign up with Revision3, early adopters of the 2nd gen Apple TV users are having rental time and HDMI issues and Netflix may be offering studios and networks $100,000 an episode for current TV shows.

Podcast Rundown Part 1: HD Video for Your Apple TV

Recently, there’s been an explosion of new podcasts covering Apple and Apple-related technologies. But which ones are really worth watching? Here’s a list of some great video content, available on your Apple TV or other iOS device, to get you started.

Is Apple TV Missing from Amazon’s Bestsellers List?

The Apple TV doesn’t seem to be getting its due on Amazon’s “Bestsellers in Electronics” list. While the device is clearly selling well, it hasn’t appeared among the top 100 sellers on Amazon’s list. Is the online store joining the battle to upset Cupertino’s efforts?

All Hail The Cord Cutters

In another major shift in the world of online video, more and more people are choosing to take advantage of broadband access by cutting the cable that connects them to their TVs and switching to streaming and downloadable video options such as Hulu, Netflix and iTunes.

Apple TV: 250,000 Sold In Six Weeks

Apple didn’t announce the number of Apple TVs sold as part of its earnings release, but Steve Jobs reported on the company’s investor call that it’s sold more than 250,000 Apple TVs since the company first made the product available in early September.

How to Convert Your Videos for the New Apple TV

Want to play your homemade vacation movies and BitTorrent TV show downloads with the new Apple TV? Then get ready for some conversion and home network sharing action – but don’t worry: Streaming any movie file from your computer is a piece of cake with this how-to.

Netflix on Google TV, Apple TV & Roku Compared

Google TV, Apple TV and Roku all have access to movies and TV show streaming from Netflix, but each device has a very distinct interface. Apple’s Netflix UI for example looks like Front Row. Google TV on the other hand looks so far pretty outdated.

5 Things I Don’t Like About The New Apple TV

It’s been a little over a week since Apple’s (s AAPL) second-generation Apple TV has been in stores, and we used the time for some extensive testing. So what’s our take? To be honest, we’re a little disappointed. This simply doesn’t feel like an Apple device.

Cost to Make the Apple TV? Just $64

iSuppli has gotten around to tearing down the new Apple TV and assessing its manufacturing cost. The final tally? Only $64 U.S., a considerably smaller sum than the $237 the previous generation Apple TV, introduced in 2007, cost to make. So why the big difference?

Google Plays Its Hand, Trumps Apple?

Google today launched its official site for Google TV, which site details many of the new product’s features. Even though we won’t see any actual hardware running Google TV until later this fall, even the mini-site itself is a good opening salvo against Cupertino.

Google TV Apps Compared to Apple TV, Roku & Boxee

Google TV will come with Netflix, Amazon VOD and Pandora. Apple TV on the other hand has Netflix, but instead of Amazon just iTunes, plus Flickr for your photos. Roku has, and Boxee hearts Still confused? Then check out our handy comparison chart.

Apple TV Now Shipping

For those refresh monkeys banging away at the Apple (s aapl) Store online shortly after the event on September 1st, your obsession may finally be rewarded. Many early buyers are reporting their Apple TVs are now shipping, with expected arrival dates as early as September 29.

The New Apple Model: Cheap Player, Expensive Remote

They say marijuana is a gateway drug; meet Apple’s new innocuous gateway gadget. Think twice about buying just because of that attractive $99 price point for the new Apple TV. It could cost you a whole lot more in the long run, if Apple’s plan succeeds.

Apple TV Preparing to Ship, Apps on the Way?

Steve Jobs promised the second generation Apple TV, announced at the last Apple event, would ship within four weeks. This being the fourth week, it’s not surprising to see reports appearing citing charges to credit cards, which suggests shipments are imminent. But are apps, too?

For the Love of Music, Buy the Old Apple TV

The new Apple TV is bright and shiny and full of Netflix and TV rental goodness, but I still love the old Apple TV. It won’t be getting any exciting new features, but here are a few good reasons to get the classic model.

Live TV and PVR Next on the Menu for Apple TV?

The Apple TV is admittedly a better bargain at $99, but it still isn’t really whetting my appetite, but a couple of rumored additions could help that change. According to some, Live TV and PVR capabilities are next in line for Apple’s favorite living room hobby.

Boxee CEO on Apple TV: Not Enough Freedom

Boxee’s Avner Ronen doesn’t like the recently launched new Apple TV, and he thinks that Google’s idea to center its Google TV around a simple search box is not very mainstream-friendly. Check out our interview with Ronen for more thoughts on Boxee’s competition and future.

Why Apple Buddies Up to Frenemy Netflix

Look back into Apple’s history, and it’s clear it never partners with a company that could one day be a threat. Apple’s decision to include Netflix on the newest Apple TV indicates where Apple may be headed with video and the iTunes store.

Poll: What Set-Top Box Are You Buying?

The new Apple TV box isn’t the only way to stream digital content to your TV. So that’s why we want to know if you’re finding room for Apple TV in your home entertainment system — or if you’re happy with another solution.

Apple TV: The FAQ

Here’s a quick way to learn about the small, black second-gen Apple TV introduced by CEO Steve Jobs at the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) 09.01.10 event…

Comparison: Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Boxee Box

Apple unveiled its updated TV set-top box today, with new streaming functionality and 99-cent TV rentals from ABC and Fox. This incarnation comes at a lower price point, but before consumers run out and buy one, they should consider the competition: Roku and Boxee.

Roku Lowering Prices, Adding 1080p Ahead of Apple TV

Roku is looking to make its broadband set-top boxes more attractive to consumers ahead of upcoming Google TV products and a rumored new Apple TV device expected to be announced Wednesday, by lowering its prices and adding 1080p video capability to its top-of-the line HD-XR model.

Apple TV is Dead; Long Live Apple TV

There have been several articles written about the possibility of a future update to the Apple TV that is based on iOS. These rumors have taken on a life of their own, in large part because everyone desperately wants them to be true.

Samsung Leading the Interactive TV Revolution

Google and Apple are talking, hinting and teasing about their take on upcoming advances in television. Samsung, on the other hand, has all too quietly actually been adding new features to its stellar line up of LED backlit HDTVs with hardly any technical notoriety.

TiVo & Apple: There’s an App for That

There have been rumors this week that Apple is working with TiVo to bring DVR functionality to the next generation of its Apple TV. A cooperation like this seems highly unlikely, but Apple’s app strategy could open the door for a TiVo presence on the device.

Is Apple TV Moving Beyond ‘Hobby’ Status?

Despite high early expectations, it wasn’t long before Apple TV was demoted to “hobby” status. But that could soon change, as there’s new evidence that Apple is looking to make a serious business out of online video with a major update to its Apple TV product.

Google TV or Apple TV?

Apple, met with limited success of the Apple TV, has called its device “a hobby” but Google, with its Google TV, is forging ahead with what it believes could revolutionize the industry. So how do they compare?

Big Changes Ahead for Apple TV

Apple TV looked about ready for the dustbin in recent years. And with the recent announcement of Google TV, it sure looked like Apple’s foray into the dedicated home entertainment industry was pretty much done for. Not so, according to a report by Engadget.

7 for 7: A Third OS for the Apple Tablet?

Could Apple possibly have three operating systems in mind for a tablet device, which it is widely expected to announce next week? In this post, part of a series of seven, you’ll find some good reasons why it might.

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The Perfect Apple for the Living Room

If Apple wants to dominate the living room, it will have to do better than the AppleTV. So with rumors abounding that the company is poised to launch a new consumer device, it’s time for a wish list as to what such a device would like like.

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