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Rackspace Blends Cloud and iPad 2, but Mobile Apps Nothing New

Mobile apps for managing cloud computing resources are nothing new, but Rackspace is bringing the capability to even the newest Apple devices, including the iPad2. The company announced the Rackspace Cloud 2.0 application, which is free and can run on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Survey: iPad Is Replacing Computers for Many

In a study surveying 500 iPad owners, Business Insider found some interesting data with implications for web publishers, app designers, and even other gadget makers. It’s got some handy information for those considering giving the gift of iPad this holiday, too.

Odds of Success for the Latest iPad Competitors

Three iPad competitors running Google Android were announced at the IFA show in Berlin. Each has pros and cons, but will any be able to take a bite of the hot tablet market? Here are the odds of each to sell a million units by year-end.

Twitter for iPad Review: Ahead of the Pack

The folks at Twitter took their time releasing an app for the iPad, but it was time well spent. Having used more Twitter apps than I can count on multiple platforms, this iPad version is better than any of them for following the Twitterverse.

Quick Guide to iPad 3G Data Plans Around the World

Need to know which carriers are offering 3G data plans for Apple’s iPad? Our rundown of carriers by country will keep you up to date as we gather plan information and details, along with updates in the future as more details are announced around the world.

5 Things Google Must Do to Make Its Tablet Competitive

Rumors are swirling that Google is building a competing product to fight against Apple’s iPad. The “Google Pad” is expected to run on the touch-friendly Android operating system, but touch alone won’t win. Google needs to address these five issues before it can compete.

Steve Rubel Faces the iPad-Only Challenge

Although intended for use as a companion or lifestyle device, Apple’s iPad has the makings of a primary computer for those with limited requirements. Steve Rubel has a week of iPad-only usage under his belt and it’s working out better than you might expect.

New Color e-Book Technology Nears Release

E-book readers have one thing in common — at least the ones not using LCD screens — they all display in black and white. A Dutch company is using electrowetting to produce color screens that require no backlighting and can handle video up to 60 fps.

MobileTechRoundup 204 — iPad Slated for Consumers?

With nearly a week of iPad use under our belts, this week’s audio episode focuses on what the iPad can or can’t do. iPhone OS 4.0 features enter in the discussion too, as Apple’s definition of multitasking isn’t the same for everyone.

Netflix Reviewed: The iPad’s First “Killer App?”

I’ve used the Netflix for iPad software daily since Saturday’s iPad launch and I’ve watched more content in the past three days than I did in the prior three weeks. The software is a joy to use, making my Netflix subscription more useful than ever.

Exclusive — iPad App Press Release Generator

I’m swimming in press releases for iPad apps and want to share the experience. While waiting for your iPad, why not give our iPad Press Release Generator a try? Just insert your words where I’ve left you space and let’s see what you come up with!

What the Web Is Saying About the Apple iPad

The first Apple iPad reviews are hitting the web and by all accounts, Apple has hit at least a triple, if not a home-run. Here’s a round-up of reviews and insights to help you decide if you want to take a swing at the iPad.