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3 startups trying to find the right mobile app for you

Even with a glut of app discovery services and search engines available and improved features coming in Apple’s App Store, there are still more and more startups looking to solve the app recommendation problem. We take a look at new entrants: Xyologic, AppHero and AppAide.

Apple gives developers tool to dispute cloned apps or content

The new site should be helpful to owners of websites, brands, music or images whose content is being used without permission in apps to directly and easily contact Apple. But it’s especially useful for developers, whose apps or games are sometimes cloned outright.

Apple: Crashing iOS apps problem resolved

An issue that caused the App Store to send out buggy app updates to iOS users has been identified and fixed. Late Thursday Apple issued a statement saying it found there was a snafu with DRM code from one of its servers.

App discovery: the challenge that keeps beckoning

The market for app discovery has gotten increasingly crowded with all kinds of competitors and yet, the rush to solve the problem continues. The latest example is App-o-Day, a new free app of the day service from former Outfit7 CEO Andrej Nabergoj.

Viddy pulled from the Apple App Store for adult material

Viddy has apparently been pulled from the Apple App Store, not long after quickly rising up the ranks of free video and camera applications available for the iPhone. The removal was due to concerns over adult material that was being posted on the app.

Devs: Want more in-app sales? Build loyalty first

New data from app analytics firm Localytics suggests the best way to make in-app purchase pay is to build loyalty and engagement, which can result in more revenue overall than a quick sell. Localytics found that loyal users generate 25 percent more in-app purchases.

Games for the weekend: 100 Rogues

100 Rogues is a role-playing game that challenges the bond between a player and their character, which is normally a valued relationship in RPGs. How does it do that? By killing your chosen character, over and over, again and again.

Games for the weekend: Stay Alive

Some games just have a knack for getting your heart racing. Fast-paced, simple action games where success is measured by hand-eye coordination are a perfect example. That’s certainly an apt description of Stay Alive, a universal game available now for iPhone and iPad.

Games for the weekend: Dark Meadow

One of the first computer games I ever played at home was Zork. It was a text-based game that guided the player through a narrative of obstacles and challenges. Then came PC/Mac games like Myst and more recently Silent Hill. Now, there’s Dark Meadow on iOS.

Games for the weekend: Gears

When your kids quickly become addicted to a game, you know it has to be good. That’s what happened with Gears ($2.99) by Crescent Moon Games. Gears lures you in and then ramps up the challenge, but not so fast that you can’t keep up.

Why the iPad app will be my first choice for Facebook

Facebook finally released its official iPad app yesterday, in the form of a universal add-on to its existing iPhone application. Its features and interface, along with when it arrived, make the iPad app a much more attractive option for accessing Facebook than any other available.

App rentals could be on the way for iOS devices

Apple could prepping to unveil a new content delivery strategy for apps, according to some code uncovered in the latest iTunes beta. Specific references are made to app rentals in iTunes 10.5 beta 9, released on Friday, which could change the way we shop for apps.

iPhone app roundup: Beer appreciation for Oktoberfest

With Oktoberfest in full swing and people around the world celebrating beer, it seems an appropriate time to review some iPhone great apps for real beer lovers. No beer pong apps here; these are all about enjoying the actual beverage itself (responsibly, of course).

Verizon remakes its app store with Chomp’s search help

Verizon Wireless has rebuilt its VCast App Store with a new interface and better search capabilities thanks to a partnership with app discovery start-up Chomp. It’s part of a larger effort to ensure that Verizon’s store is a well thought out place to safely buy apps.

54,805 reasons not to be Amazon’s free app of the day

As a free app in Amazon’s Appstore, Shifty Jelly’s Pocket Caster Android app, benefitted hugely from the exposure. Sales jumped from 20 per day to 101,491 sales on the day Amazon offered it at no charge. But there’s one problem: The company didn’t make a dime.

Celebrating the fourth of Jul-iOS with firework apps

After reading through the description and reviews of over twenty fireworks apps, I tried out a little over a dozen of the best to come up with a few good choices for your Independence Day festivities, including some games and fireworks alternatives.

App discovery is a zero-sum game

How do you find new apps to download for your devices? A recent rash of app discovery tools available for iOS devices (including one out of left field from Yahoo) definitely identifies a problem, but I’m not sure it provides any real lasting solutions.

Yahoo tackles mobile app discovery, but why?

Yahoo is entering the crowded mobile app discovery market with a web service and software for iOS and Android. The software looks nice, but even with an app recommendation engine, it isn’t offering much that others don’t already provide. Is Yahoo simply trying to stay relevant?

Gift Your Mom an App This Mother’s Day

Mothers are getting more and more tech savvy. It is more than a little likely that flowers, candy and a trip to the spa will soon be replaced by apps, digital media, and pre-paid online services. Here are some gift ideas along those lines.

What 44 Billion Mobile App Downloads by 2016 Means

Think the mobile app economy is a passing fad? Not so, says ABI Research, as it expects 44 billion mobile app downloads by 2016. The trend towards task-based computing on the go is good for those already in the game, but a challenge to newcomers.

With $25 Android App Giveaway, Amazon Shows Larger Ambitions

Amazon is giving Verizon Android customers $25 worth of app credits in its new app store. The deal signals how serious Amazon is taking its app store and how the company is filling out an ecosystem that could become the basis for a tablet platform.

Pieceable Lets iPhone Devs Showcase Apps in a Browser

IPhone developers have a new tool to highlight their apps to a wider audience. Using a new product from Pieceable called Viewer, developers can publish their apps on the Web, allowing PC and Mac users to test out their apps without the need for an iPhone.

Apple Rejects First App From PopCap’s Edgy Label

PopCap’s recently announced indie studio 4th & Battery was aiming for edgy with its slate of games. It appears it might have been too edgy for Apple’s tastes. The label’s first game, Unpleasant Horse, has been sent packing by Apple because of mature content.

Quixey Looks to Make App Discovery More Natural

Quixey, a new start-up backed by Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, is looking to make the app discovery process easier by allowing users to say what they’re looking to do and then using that info to generate app recommendations for multiple platforms.

Why Apple Suing Amazon Is the Right Move

In a lawsuit filed on March 18, Apple claims Amazon’s Appstore for Android, is nearly identical to the “App Store,” where Apple sells applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple is not only justified in going after Amazon, but it’s right to do so.

Hey, Angry Birds Fans: Check Out This App!

In a quest for new content for my iPad 2, I came across Chicken Balls HD today. It’s a new physics-based puzzle game for the iPad (any generation) that combines elements of two successful iOS gaming predecessors in one fun (and frustrating) new package.

App Stores Everywhere! Opera Opens Mobile App Storefront

Opera Software is getting into the app game by launching the Mobile App Store, a web storefront where 100 million Opera browser users will be able to buy apps. The move highlights the growth of app stores, but also raises questions about how many can survive.

Apple Boasts 2 Billion Reasons for Devs to Stay With IOS

Amid all the fanfare over the iPad 2, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs boasted that the company has paid out $2 billion to developers for apps sold in the App Store. This comes just eight months after it announced developers had made $1 billion on downloads.

Apple and the Rise of the Subscription Economy

Apple introduced App Store subscriptions this week. People disagree on the fairness of Apple’s 30-percent take of revenue resulting from subscriptions, but the feature is here to stay. Might its introduction signal a shift toward a new paradigm for paying for mobile apps?

Apple Wants in on Digital Book Purchase Revenue

Apple has clarified its official position regarding the rejection of the Sony Reader iPhone app, and the reasoning behind it has far-reaching implications for the App Store. Apple, it turns out, wants a share of the revenue made through iOS-initiated book sales.

Apple’s App Store Now on Twitter

Apple today extended its social media presence by creating a Twitter account for the App Store. After 10 billion purchases, I guess Apple realizes the store is pretty popular and might just become even more so through a little additional exposure.

Google Rules Could Squeeze Amazon Android App Store

Google’s stance on prohibiting apps in Android Market from being mini-app stores led to the quick demise of Kongregate Arcade, a flash game portal app that got pulled yesterday. But it could also have an impact on Amazon’s plans for an Android app store.

Android Dev Stalwart Finally Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel

Larva Labs, an Android developer which has ?chronicled many of the shortcomings of Android Market? and the plight of its developers, finally sees some cause for hope. It comes from new monetization opportunities like alternative app stores, in-app purchases and the growing potential for ad revenue.

Issuu Gives Up on App Store After Three Rejections

Issuu, a popular document sharing service that may have provided some competition for Apple’s ?planned digital newsstand?, has abandoned plans to release an iOS app after Apple rejected the company three times. The company hinted that its openness was the cause of its rejection.

VLC on Thin Ice at the App Store?

VLC Developer Rémi Denis-Courmont recently sent Apple “a formal notice of copyright infringement” concerning the VLC Media Player iOS application. The app’s distribution in the App Store is in violation of the terms and conditions of its General Public License, and it may be pulled soon.

Android Devs Wait Patiently For Profitable Future

Apple’s iOS platform has paid out more than a billion dollars to third-party developers through the iTunes App Store, but such success is yet to be found in Google’s Android Market. Developers tell Bloomberg they still have “high hopes” that Android revenues will come in time.

Apple Challenges Android On the Numbers

Sometime in June, Apple passed the 100 million marker in iOS devices sold, and now Steve Jobs has announced 120 million devices sold. To put that in perspective, Apple sold just over eight million iPhones in all of last quarter.

RIM Looks to Improve App Store, Purchases Cellmania

Research In Motion has purchased Cellmania to acquire mobile app store expertise for an undisclosed amount. This purchase follows the recent launch of an improved App World for BlackBerry devices and brings RIM a team experienced in app distribution, carrier billing and mobile storefronts.

iPad is Smarter: Now With Genius!

This morning, as is part of my ritual when waking up, I checked for app updates on both my iPhone and iPad. When doing so on the iPad, I noticed that the Genius feature had been released sometime while I slept.

Widget Apps Get the Axe in Latest App Store Purge

It’s been a while since Apple has implemented a new policy which resulted in the wholesale removal of a whole slew of applications from the App Store. But don’t worry, they remain vigilant. The newest target of Apple’s wrath are so-called “widget” or “dashboard” apps.

PocketGear buys Handango, Highlights App Store Evolution

PocketGear today acquired Handango, which was founded in 1999 and became a pioneer distributor of smartphone apps. The pick-up underscores just how dramatically the space has evolved in the last few years thanks to the emergence of Apple’s App Store and other distributors.

Why the WAC Is Whack

A consortium of two dozen mobile players is looking to create a single platform that will enable developers to create a single build of their apps for multiple handsets. It’s a worthy goal, but it’s one that’s doomed from the start.

What Did Apple Really Say About Location-based Ads?

Apple a couple of weeks back Apple released a “tip” for developers on how to enhance its apps using its “Core Location” framework. But while some said it signaled the death of the location-based ad industry on the iPhone, that seems very premature.

Who Will Buy an iPad?

The debate is raging. Man, that’s a wide bezel! How could they possibly leave out support for Flash? Where’s the front-facing video…

Facebook Pokes Users Through App Stores

Facebook’s mobile app ranks among the top 10 downloaded in every major OS-specific app store in the U.S., according to new data from Distimo. It’s just the latest evidence that the social networking site has quickly become a massive player in mobile.

How T-Mobile Tries to Aid App Discoverability

A lack of discoverability continues to plague the mobile app space as storefronts become increasingly crowded with a glut of titles. Collaboration between carriers and developers is one way the industry can help users cut through the clutter and find what they’re looking for.

How Prices Compare on Different App Stores

Mobile app stores are popping up like mushrooms after the rains, making life difficult for app developers. We wanted to know the average cost of a paid application on different platforms. Folks from Mobclix crunched some numbers and came back with some surprising findings.

The Upside to the App Store Police

Apple’s approval policies for App Store offerings have drawn plenty of flak for lacking visibility and being arbitrarily enforced, but they do help protect consumers from overpriced and shoddy apps. Which is something Google will need to keep in mind as its Android Market expands.

The New New Carrier Deck

There are no longer any doubts that T-Mobile has hitched its smartphone bandwagon to Google’s Android operating system. The company today said…

App Review: Ramp Champ

Arcade bowling style games are very popular. In the real world, skee-ball is probably the most recognized of these. In the iPhone…

App Stores Still a Wide-Open Space

As we enter the era of the app store, Apple is clearly the dominant player on the field. The company’s iTunes-based mobile…

ASA Agrees With Apple for Once

“There’s an app for just about anything…only on the iPhone.” Words we’re all accustomed to hearing at the end of Apple’s iPhone…

Cold Hard Truth of the App Store

The design of Apple’s (s aapl) App Store has been receiving a fair bit of criticism from both developer and customers alike.…

I Came, I Saw, I Played Word Flow

I’m of the opinion that word-based puzzle games are where it’s at for the iPhone. Sure, the shooters and other touch games…

Frenzic Finally Comes Home

Iconfactory and ARTIS Software bring their game, Frenzic, to the iPhone. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since before the iPhone even…

Trapster: Avoid Speed Traps

One of my first tickets ever was on a road trip in college to visit friends in another state. A highway patrol…

iLeaseMyCar: Car Buying Calculation

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect car, negotiating a fair price, and then getting totally worked over by the finance manager…

Car Care: Service and Fuel Tracking

In addition to fuel costs, some people are religious in tracking their automobile repairs as well. I keep a file of service…

App Store Deal of the Week: Enigmo

Enigmo, by Pangea Soft is not a new game/application by any means — for the Mac, or for the iPhone for that…

Grocery IQ: Grocery Shopping Just Got Easier

Grocery IQ by Free State Labs was recently Apple’s App Store Pick of the Week, and for good reason. While there are other grocery list…

iPhone Dictionary App Roundup

Recently, Merriam-Webster announced that the Collegiate Dictionary was available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and since then I’ve wanted to explore…


So who’s laughing now? The news of Yahoo and Flickr hooking up is finally official. Applause… and those of you who were…