Being tracked by Google isn’t bad — it’s actually good

There has been a lot of outrage — bordering on hysteria — about Google’s new privacy policy, with some critics advising users to delete their search histories. But is there that much to fear from Google’s tracking? Not really. In fact, in many ways it is beneficial.

4chan founder: Facebook and Google do identity wrong

4chan founder Chris Poole believes that users need a balance of anonymity and identity online, a strategy he hopes social networks will also adopt as a way to allow people to make mistakes online without having to worry about those transgression coming back to haunt them.

4chan's Founder on Why Anonymity Can Be Valuable

Christopher “Moot” Poole, the founder of the anarchic website known as 4chan, spoke recently at the TED conference about the rapid growth of the online forum, but also talked about the site’s guiding principle of anonymity and what the world stands to lose if anonymity disappears.