Andy Carvin

How breaking news works now, and why Storyful wants to help

As more and more breaking news comes to us through social media, the task of determining what is true and what isn’t becomes exponentially harder. Storyful says that crowdsourcing is the best way to do this, and so it has opened up its professional verification process.

Will 2012 be the year of hypermedia?

Imagine citizen journalists could remix radio programs or TV news features simply by copy and pasting text fragments of their manuscripts and closed captions: That’s the idea behind hypermedia, and first tools to make it happen could become available as early as next year.

Should there be a Pulitzer Prize for Twitter reporting?

The board that administers the Pulitzer prizes for journalism has changed the criteria for the breaking news category to stress the real-time nature of the reporting involved — which suggests that some day a Pulitzer might be awarded for live-tweeting of a news event.

NYT Reporter Shows the Power of Twitter as Journalism

Those who see Twitter as a powerful tool for real-time journalism have another example of how it can be done: New York Times reporter Brian Stelter has posted a thoughtful account of how he used Twitter to report on the aftermath of a tornado in Missouri.

What Journalism Is Like Now: Working With 2,000 Sources

A young editor for Sky News puts his finger on some of the changes that are disrupting the media industry when he describes in a blog post how his job now involves interacting with “a personalized wire service” of more than 2,000 sources via Twitter.

Does Posting Things to Twitter Make You a Journalist?

Is the man who live-tweeted the bin Laden attack a “citizen journalist?” Some argue that he is not, but the reality is that what we call journalism is being unbundled into its component parts, and anyone can now perform some or all of those functions.

Facebook: Hey, We’re a Great Tool for Journalists Too!

Does Facebook have Twitter envy? The latter has become a platform for real-time journalism, while Facebook is still thought of as a place where friends share photos or play games. Now the social network is reaching out to the media with new resources aimed at journalists.