Motorola goes big and small with Razr line-up

Motorola, now owned by Google, unveiled a trio of Razr devices that are big and small. The Razr HD and Razr HD Maxx offer big 4.7 inch screens with large batteries while the Razr M goes for a smaller profile but a big screen and battery.

China finally gives blessing to Google’s Motorola buy

Google has finally received approval from China to complete its purchase of Motorola Mobility, Google said Saturday. That paves the way for Google to integrate Motorola, though it remains to be seen exactly how it wants to use the phone maker.

Nokia, iPhone, Android and wishful thinking

Once again, yet another executive from Nokia is out dissing iPhone and Android, saying that youth are “fed up with” them. The Nokia ringtone used to be ubiquitous, but walking around Helsinki, I’m seeing a lot of non-Nokia phones in people’s hands.

Googlerola: What the Web is saying

How about that for some big news on a Monday morning? The $12.5 billion deal for Motorola Mobility has huge implications across the mobile and living room markets and could signal a stronger position for Android as it fends off patent infringement claims from Google rivals.

Google Should Drop Android’s “Open” Talk

Google’s VP of engineering Andy Rubin hit back at a recent Businessweek article suggesting that the company was exerting much more control over mobile operating system. But in defending Android’s openness, Rubin seems to be setting the company up for more stories questioning Android’s openness.

Google Pulls VoiceMail App in Possible In-App Payment Move

In a move that could signal Google is taking a hard line on in-app payments similar to the way Apple has outlined new subscription rules, Google has pulled the popular Visual VoiceMail app from Android Market citing a violation of the developer payment rules.

Motorola Worries of Overreliance on Verizon/Android

After riding Android and Verizon to help fuel its comeback, Motorola Mobility is sounding a cautious tone about its reliance on Verizon in the wake of slowing sales. Motorola sales on Verizon Wireless accounted for 28 percent of Motorola’s sales last year.

Motorola Buys 3LM, Chases Corporate Buyers of Android Phones

In its first acquisition since its spin-off, Motorola Mobile announced it has bought 3LM, a stealthy startup by ex-Google employees working on building security software for Android devices. The acquisition will help Motorola as it looks to expand the presence of Android into corporate settings.

Twitter Gets More Inviting for Android Newbies

The Twitter app on Android got a major facelift today, making the app not only nicer to look at but more powerful to use for experienced hands and more inviting for newcomers. Twitter 2.0 shows a lot of thoughtful upgrades that integrate tightly with Android and help users leverage location.

Android Man Swoops In to Save Sprint

Sprint added 1.1 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2010, including 58,000 lucrative postpaid customers — its best effort since early 2006. What’s driving the growth after five years of treading water? Hot Android devices with fast mobile broadband radios for both pre- and postpaid customers.

Sprint Tries to Conjure Magic With Dual-Screen Echo

In an attempt to generate some more momentum in the competitive smartphone market, Sprint unveiled a new Android phone the Kyocera Echo that offers a dual touch-screen design. The design allows for interesting onscreen multitasking as well as more real estate for app and game use.

Google Eyes Mobile as the Key to 2011

Google’s immediate strategic initiatives are all about mobile, according to CEO Eric Schmidt. Writing in Harvard Business Review, Schmidt said 2011 comes down to three priorities for Google: developing fast wireless networks, building up mobile payments and increasing the number of inexpensive smartphones around the world.

YouTube Sides With Android in iPhone Mobile Battle

YouTube’s new Android app is a step backwards from Google’s overall web apps strategy. It also limits the availability of new features not just to Android users, but since it is available on Android 2.2 devices or above, still a minority of Android users, at that.

Acer: Five New Tablets, And An App Store

Acer has had mixed success so far breaking into the big time of mobile handsets. But as one of the world’s biggest PC makers, its forays int…

Android Reaches 100,000 Apps In Market

Android is now claiming that it has 100,000 applications in its mobile market.

It was only a matter of time before Android reached this mil…

For Google, Capex Costs Are Worth the Money

Google’s recent push into tablets and mobile, along with offering new search services such as Google Instant, are pushing up the company’s capex, which is slotted to grow almost 184 percent in 2010. Next year will be even higher. And all this spending is good.

iTriage: Free Android Medical App

Cold season is upon us, based on the number of GigaOM staff members currently afflicted. A search of the Android Market for an app that offers medical advice turned up the app iTriage. I’ve testing it and find it is pretty good for a free app.

Android Is Finally Expanding Paid Apps to More Countries

Google is finally getting its act together, expanding the number of countries that can buy and sell paid Android apps. Google in the process over the next two weeks of opening up 18 new countries where you can buy paid apps, bringing the total to 32.

Even Without Tablets, Android Ad Impressions Up 996%

Advertising impressions on iPhone are flat while those on Android handsets are up 7 percent since last month and have increased a hefty 996 percent this year. But Apple’s iPad witnessed a 76 percent increase in ad requests last month. Here come tablets full of ads!

Android This Week: Verizon App Tools; New Google Docs

Android got a productivity boost this week, with both Verizon and Google offering new tools for smartphones. Verizon introduced developers tools enabling the creation of location-based apps for its VCAST app store. Google released Android support for real-time document collaboration in Google Docs.

Facebook Should Absolutely Build a Mobile Phone

Facebook is reportedly working on its own phone. Though the company quickly denied the report, the idea clearly has staying power, and why not? It’s a good one. Facebook should very soon start working outside its core competency and do things like make phones.

What Does Nokia do When Cheap Android Phones Arrive?

Nokia today introduced the new C3 Touch and Type handset, a relatively inexpensive S40 handset offering a touchscreen display and connectivity features often relegated to smartphones. Will cheaper competing Android devices with touchscreens and 3G arrive to challenge Nokia’s feature phone dominance? Hint: they already are.

Should Android be Startups’ First Choice?

As Android veers toward domination of the mobile market, Apple’s iOS lead may soon take a hit. Google still needs to iron out some wrinkles like hardware fragmentation, but Android’s open approach and growing market share mean it should be a startup’s first choice mobile platform.

Android This Week: 24 Hours With a Superphone; Top Widgets

Android turns a smartphone into a superphone, as a user’s 24-hour chronicle details. The phone replaced a number of consumer devices, such as an e-reader and a mobile hotspot. Five widgets are reviewed that made that possible. The Nexus One is not dead, it’s on back-order.

Video: Google’s Hugo Barra On the Confluence of Mobile & Cloud

Just as building a superlative user experience is Apple’s strength, Google’s unique edge is its ability to use “the cloud” to do astonishing things. To understand Google’s view of the relationship between mobile computing and the cloud, I spoke on camera with Google’s Hugo Barra.

How Consumers Are Influencing Enterprise Mobility

The emergence of the iPhone and other consumer-targeted smartphones is forcing IT departments to rethink corporate policies regarding mobile devices. And end users are increasingly at the center of these new policies where the lines between work and play are blurred.

Freeware of the Moment- ShootMe for Android

The Freeware of the Moment today is a simple utility for Android that fills a very specific need. ShootMe is a screen capture tool for Android that is simple to use. When the screen is displayed that you want to capture, you simply shake the phone.

iPhone Still On Top of Android Globally

The iPhone may have given up its edge in the U.S. market over Android recently, in terms of smartphone OS share, but globally it still leads Google’s mobile OS. That’s according to market research firm Gartner, who recently conducted a survey of the global smartphone terrain.

Schmidt Makes The TV Rounds Talking Google TV

So, the usual question for Google (NSDQ: GOOG) in the wake of its announcement of Google TV: How will it make money from a platform that it…

Android Outselling iPhone? No Surprise There

The big news early this week about Apple isn’t the commencement of pre-order sales in nine international markets that happened Monday, it’s a report by the NPD group that sees Android smartphones outselling Apple’s iPhone. The question is, why?

Why Is the Android Logo Green? Revenue Sharing!

Although not confirmed, reports indicate that Google is sharing advertising revenues with handset makers that build Android devices. If you know the history of Google’s revenue growth, this shouldn’t surprise. The question is: should Google be paying to broaden its mobile market share?

How Google Is Managing the Android Fragmentation Issue

Android faces a fragmentation challenge with four different versions shipping on handsets today. Google can’t directly change this, but there are ways to combat it passively. And if you spot the pattern of its actions, you can see how Google is trying to resolve the issue.

Google’s Android Market Hits 30,000 Apps

Google has confirmed that there are now 30,000 free and paid applications in the Android Market.

TechCrunch reports that the number of appl…

The CliffsNotes To Google’s Mobile Lesson

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) whittled its mobile businiess down to the basics for its third ‘educational’ webcast of the year Monday. The company’s t…

AT&T Introduces the First…Yahoo Phone

Would anyone think seriously about making a Google Phone, based on Android, and removing Google search? You would think not, but then you don’t understand the business of phones. AT&T is releasing its first Android phone, without Google search. It’s basically the Yahoo Phone.

Is Apple Gearing Up For War With Google?

There are signs that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is taking measures to better compete with Google (NSDQ: GOOG) after the internet-giant-turned Androi…

Acer Plans App Store For Smartphone Push

As Acer enters the smartphone market, the computer maker is prepping an accompanying app store to better compete with the likes of Apple (NS…

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