Android Market

Facebook: Social trumps searching for mobile apps

Finding what you want in a sea of mobile applications can be a frustrating and exhausting process. Facebook wants to remind mobile developers that it has a lot of users and that discovering new things is a huge part of the Facebook experience.

Apple looks to Chomp to improve App Store discovery

Though the App Store is still ahead of rival Android Market in discovery features, Apple clearly sees a need to ramp up and improve the way it helps consumers pick through its growing collection of apps. That’s what’s behind the acquisition of app discovery engine Chomp.

GetJar offers virtual currency to boost app downloads

Independent mobile app store GetJar is looking to virtual currency to get users to come and keep downloading and interacting at GetJar’s app marketplace. The company today is introducing GetJar Gold virtual currency which will be awarded to users for downloading Android apps.

Android development speeds up: Market tops 400,000 apps

Android Market has topped the 400,000 app mark, doubling the software available for the smartphone platform in just eight months, according to app analytics firm Distimo. Android Market is still shy of the 500,000-app milestone the App Store hit recently, but it’s catching up.

Android’s app revenue gap and how developers cope

App analytics firm Distimo said the iPhone App Store is generating about four times as much revenue for the top 200 apps compared to the top 200 apps in Android Market. The app revenue gap is prompting developers to look for creative ways to make money.

T-Mobile: We asked YouMail to fix its app last month (Updated)

After T-Mobile complained, Google pulled the YouMail voicemail app from the Android Market on Thursday. T-Mobile issued a statement saying it contacted YouMail last month to address issues. Aside from the “he said, she said” issue, there’s a bigger underlying problem here with the Android Market.

YouMail yanked from Android Market due to T-Mobile complaint

YouMail, a mobile voicemail and visual message management app, suddenly disappeared from Google’s Android Market on Thursday. The free app is still available in Apple’s iTunes Store for iOS devices, but Android users looking for the software won’t find it. Why? An apparent complaint from T-Mobile.

Android Market races to 10 billion downloads

After launching a little over three years ago, Android Market has caught fire with downloads, hitting 10 billion over the weekend. Google’s mobile application store is now up to 1 billion downloads a month, and growth is accelerating as the number of Android devices sold soars.

Get out your dimes: 10 cent apps hit Android Market

Got an Android device and 10 cents in your pocket? That’s the right combination to buy one of 10 Android apps for just a dime over the next 10 days. Minecraft, Asphalt 6 and my highly recommended keyboard app, SwiftKey X, are all on sale.

Android users only spend time on top apps

Android users have about 250,000 apps to choose from but most have little use for any of them outside the top 50. New data from Nielsen found that 61 percent of the time spent on apps by Android users are in the top 50 apps.

Mobile devs re-emphasize app ratings to goose downloads

App ratings have always been a key tool for mobile developers to get their apps noticed. But with the increasing competition in app marketplaces as well as the decline of some distribution tools, there seems to be renewed focus on app reviews and ratings.

Zinio magazines on Android phones: Will you read them?

Zinio now supports Google Android handsets, bringing content from 1,000 digital magazine publishers to smartphones and small tablets running Android versions 2.2 and 2.3. A first look at the new software shows a positive experience, but it may be better suited to devices with larger screens.

15B downloads for Apple’s App Store

Apple passed the 15 billion download milestone for the App Store on Thursday, reaching the lofty mark only seven months after it exceeded 10 billion downloads. The App Store took two years to reach its first five billion, so growth is rapidly rising.

Amazon’s Android Appstore, not so amazing

An Android developer is pulling its game app from the Amazon Appstore for Android, calling it a “disaster” because of a number of shortcomings. It’s the complaint of one developer, but it highlights some of the challenges in building a mature market for apps.

GetJar beats Amazon. Gets the Android Cut the Rope exclusive

GetJar has beat out budding rival Amazon in snagging the Android exclusive on Cut the Rope, a previous iOS game with Angry Birds–like appeal. The game illustrates the growing competition between the 2 third-party Android app stores as they compete for developers and consumers.

Android Market tells you which apps work on your device

Google continues to battle its platform fragmentation challenges by adding a software compatibility check on the web-based Android Market. Supporting both smartphones and tablets, this change is good for consumers and developers, even as more devices are brought up to current Android versions.

Android Still Trails iOS as a Money Maker for Devs

While the Android Market is on pace to overtake Apple’s App Store in overall apps later this year in terms of sheer volume, it is trailing far behind as a money-making platform for developers, according to new analysis from app research firm Distimo.

A First Look at the New Google TV

Today at Google I/O, the company gave its first look at a new user interface developed to highlight apps and search on its Google TV OS. And we got some screenshots to share the new look and feel for Google TV devices.

Android Market Cleans Up With More Charts, Curation

Android Market has hit 4.5 billion app downloads, but it’s sometimes been in spite of the store experience not because of it. Today, Google announced a set of improvements to Android Market meant to highlight more apps and developers and help guide consumers to relevant content.

Android Poll: Are You Using Amazon’s AppStore?

AT&T’s new Infuse 4G is the first carrier device that allows direct app installs. That led me to install the Amazon AppStore, which is a great alternative to the Android Market. Yet,folks I ask aren’t using Amazon’s AppStore, and I don’t understand why.

Who Else Should Launch an Android App Store?

Amazon is the most noteworthy of a small army of new app distributors that are hoping to compete with Google’s Android Market. Here are a few other companies that should consider joining the field and capitalizing on Android’s runaway success.

What Apple’s App Store Changes Mean for Users

Apple appears to be changing up the criteria for how apps are ranked in the App Store, and seems to be blocking content that tries to “game” or artificially alter rankings. The changes will make the App Store a better place, especially for shoppers.

Google Adds Sprint Carrier Billing to Android Market

Google has worked out carrier billing with Sprint, which should be rolling out in the next few days to all Sprint customers using Android devices. That could help boost software sales in the Android Market, as consumers prefer carrier billing to other methods.

Google Tweaks Android Rankings to Reward Engagement

Not long after I wrote about the need for more engagement numbers from app makers, Google has apparently gone ahead and started factoring in daily active user statistics for apps in its Android Market rankings according to one app publisher.

Who Mobile Malware Affects, and How

Mobile malware has become a very real threat thanks largely to Google’s lack of oversight in Android Market. The company’s refusal to play app cop will increasingly take a toll on its app distribution business — and maybe on Android as a whole.

What the Ringtone Era Can Teach App Distributors

In-app purchases represent a huge opportunity for developers to generate revenues and for consumers to enhance the user experience. But the market will only reach its potential if it can avoid the public relation problems that plagued the ringtone market a few years ago.

The App Market Is Heading for an App Store Showdown

Independent, off-deck, app stores will become the major driver of mobile app downloads by 2015, eclipsing on-deck app store. That’s the word from a new report from research firm MarketsandMarkets, which forecast the growth of the mobile app market.

Where Is the Online Android Market Google Promised?

With the release of Chrome OS Web Store this week, I started thinking: Where is that online browser-based Android Market Google promised? In May, Google VP Vic Gundotra took the stage at Google I/O and gave a “sneak peak” of Android Market accessible through a browser.

Android Market Clears 100,000 Apps Milestone

Android Market eclipsed the 100,000 app milestone today, according to a tweet from the Android Developer Twitter account. This puts Android Market on a solid pace though still trailing Apple’s App Store by a wide margin.

What Would Adding PayPal Mean to the Android Market?

Users of Google Android phones may soon be able to use PayPal to purchase mobile applications, making it easier to add software to Android handsets. Would such a purchase mechanism be solely limited to Android software or might we see Google start hawking music and books?

Android Market Doubles in Size

Android has become popular with app developers, and with the Android Market now supporting paid apps in a dozen new countries it may become the platform of choice. Previously Google has restricted the countries where apps could be sold and customers were denied them.

4 Ways Google Can Clean Up the Android Market

It’s time to clean up the Android Market before the poor experience and questionable apps get out of hand. There are already 65,000 apps to be found there, so the time is right for Google to follow these simple steps and neaten the store.

Is Anyone Home at the Android Market or Has Google Gone Fishin'?

Many laud Google’s Android Market and its loose barriers to application entry, but that doesn’t mean Google should be totally hands off, does it? Some updated applications are disappearing from the Market on certain devices and it’s taking days for Google to even acknowledge the issue.

Promiscuous Developers Want Downloads Not Dollars

Few developers of location-aware mobile apps are distributing titles across multiple storefronts, but those who are are doing it because they want downloads rather than revenue, according to data out today from Skyhook Wireless.

The Problem With Android Market's Growth

Android Market has grown its library to 20,000 apps as the competition with Apple’s App Store heats up. But Google must find ways to help users find what they’re looking for in its increasingly crowded storefront.