Data ethics: transparency as sustainable competitive advantage

Individuals and organizations alike face immature, emerging legislation, constantly shifting and evolving cultural and social values about central issues such as identity, privacy, data ownership, and the use of personal data to make judgments about reputation. Maintaining the right focus requires a conscious effort.

Google BigQuery now correlates your data

Google has added another new capability to its BigQuery analytics service. This one lets users derive correlation values between similar data points, something Google highlighed using sensor data from its recent I/O conference.

SevOne raises $150M to monitor your network P2P-style

SevOne has raised $150 million for its line of appliances that help companies capture and analyze their streams of operational infrastructure data. Its financial success, even for a relatively quiet company founded in 2005, illustrate how important it is to know your systems data well.

Can machine learning make sense of the NFL’s big data?

According to the New York Times, National Football League teams are often years behind their peers in other professional sports when it comes to data analysis. Machine learning could help teams make more sense of the myriad variables that currently keep them relying on human intuition.

How Cisco wants to make big data a community affair

Cisco wants to rethink the big data business model by putting infomediaries at the center of vast data-sharing networks. It’s a vision of easy access to data and resources, where analyses can be conducted and acted upon in real time, but it’s a long way off.

Placed wants to redefine mobile web analytics with location

Placed is broadening its horizons by letting mobile web developers take advantage of its unique approach to location analytics. Previously available for mobile apps, Placed cross-references location data against a massive database to paint a picture of where apps or sites are being used most.

How data could save cities from outgrowing themselves

According to physicist Geoffrey West, the world’s cities have what one might call a growing problem. As they grow bigger, their problems grow worse, which means it takes an ever-faster pace of innovation to keep things in check. Big data techniques might provide the answer.

The C-level is coming around on big data [infographic]

According to a new survey by the ?Economist? ?Intelligence Unit (commissioned by IT consulting giant Capgemini), corporate executives are starting to figure out that big data matters and how to leverage it, even if they haven’t fully come around on the concept.

Infographic: IBM says go away (for Memorial Day)

Consumers are feeling pretty perky about things going into Memorial Day, according to new IBM sentiment analysis. That means stores and hotels might have reason to smile over the holiday weekend, as people seem to want to travel — and shop — over the long weekend.

Howcast fuels its video engine with data

Howcast, a New York producer of quality how-to videos, has gotten to 1 billion videos streamed since launching in 2008. The company has leaned heavily on data to inform all its decisions and ensure that its collection of 15,000 videos can keep producing revenue.

One way to get big data skills: Buy a startup

Ravel Data, a promising big data startup best known for its open source graph database called GoldenOrb, has sold its assets to marketing-and-communications firm W2O Group. According to sources, the company had been winding down for about a month after expanding faster than business actually demanded.

The one-night stand, quantified and visualized by Uber

In the latest dispatch from the too-much-information bureau, on-demand ride service Uber has calculated the prevalence of one-night stands among its customer base. It’s another example of what companies can find out if they’re just able to think of the right questions.

The biggest obstacle to embracing big data? You

The technological hurdles to embracing big data are well-known at this point, but strong anti-data corporate culture might be an even bigger obstacle. The changes required to listen to the data and, possibly, to transform a company’s business model take a lot of work.

It’s not the big data, it’s the right data

Big data’s fine; the right data’s a game changer. Serial database entrepreneur Andy Palmer — who co-founded Vertica Systems and VoltDB — sees this massive amount of diverse big data as table stakes. The real, compelling value lies in “big analytics,” he says.

What SaaS can teach us about good software design

It may not be man-bites-dog but it is still surprising to hear about a software as a service vendor moving towards on-premises deployment. And yet that is just what Birst is doing, first with its business intelligence service and now with its home-grown in-memory database.

Kaggle gets $11M to crowdsource big data jobs

Big data technology is attracting some big bucks. Kaggle, a startup that helps companies outsource large business analytics projects by turning them into large-scale competitions for scientists around the world, will announce Thursday it has secured $11 million in venture capital funding.

Will “Twitterball” become sports’ next Moneyball?

IBM detailed early results of a new sentiment-analysis experience to determine how Twitter users feel about the World Series. The findings won’t tell you who’ll win, but perhaps they’ll set the stage for a new way of thinking about who to sign, trade and cut.

6 companies doing big data in the cloud

Cloud computing and big data are a match made in heaven. Although it’s still very early in the evolution of this combination — experts predict major investment in this area going forward — several companies have already melded the two into a variety of unique services.

Amazon invests big in big data startup is making what appears to be a big investment in analytic database startup ParAccel. ParAccel today announced the close of a Series E round led by Amazon, bringing the company’s total funding to $73 million. The amount of this round is undisclosed.

Retrevo Relies on Machine Learning to Challenge

Consumer electronics recommendation engine Retrevo launched a new feature this morning that challenges the Amazon Marketplace. However, for Retrevo to meet its lofty goals of dethroning Amazon even in this single category, it will have to rely on the accuracy of its machine-learning algorithms.

Facebook Unveils the Secrets Behind the Like Button

If there’s one thing websites love, it’s analytical tools that show who comes to their site and what they do when they get there. Now they can get that from Facebook too, thanks to some new tools based on the network’s “like” buttons and comments.

Why Watson and SPSS Are IBM’s Big Data Yin and Yang

After all the talk over the past few weeks about IBM’s Watson, it’s becoming clear that Watson is not HAL of big-screen notoriety. But when used in concert with predictive analytics software, technologies like Watson can become part of a very complete big-data architecture.

Twitter to Launch Free Real-time Analytics This Year

Twitter plans to roll out a free real-time analytics dashboard in the fourth quarter, said Ross Hoffman of the company’s business development team at a conference yesterday. If true, the announcement has implications both for Twitter’s business model and for startups currently offering analytics.

Ooyala Upgrades Its Reporting and Analytics

Ooyala is rolling out new reporting and analytics features aimed at helping publishers to determine where and how users are viewing their videos online. The new platform provides more than 500 reports, including local reporting, page-level reports, designated marketing area (DMA) reports and social sharing reports.

Twitter Gets Analytical With Smallthought Deal

Twitter is investing in building more robust analytical tools, judging by today’s acquisition of Smallthought Systems. The Vancouver-based startup is the creator of a flexible database tool called Dabble DB, as well as Trendly, a tool for filtering the traffic and behavioral data from Google Analytics.

Is Kontagent the Google Analytics of the Social Web?

Kontagent, an analytics platform for social applications that describes itself as “Google Analytics for the social web,” announced new features and an enhanced dashboard this morning, along with a new round of funding. The company says it now tracks over 50 million active users a month.

YouTube Offers Wisdom of Crowds as a Video-Editing Tool

YouTube has developed a new analytics feature called Hot Spots to help video creators see, on a second-by-second basis, when they’re losing their audience and when people are especially tuned in. The tool was released today as part of YouTube’s “Insight” dashboard.