American Express

AmEx builds a mobile home for its social offers

American Express has been using social channels such as Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter to deliver offers that can be synced to a user’s card account. But up until now, there wasn’t one place to find and get recommendations on all those offers.

Groupon’s CEO gets some financial adult supervision

In a rare move, Groupon is swapping out directors without waiting for terms to end — switching high-profile Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz out for American Express CFO Daniel Henry. Another swap for Deloitte’s Robert Bass gives the board more finance gravitas.

How American Express could be the monster of local deals

The more I see of American Express, the more I think it stands a chance to be a major player to watch in the local deals market. If AmEx can execute, it could show many of the deal companies how commerce, loyalty and offers are done.

American Express’ Serve digital wallet now serving Verizon devices

American Express’ Serve digital wallet is on a roll lining up carrier partners. Verizon announced Monday that it will support Serve payments on many Verizon smartphones and tablets in the coming months, allowing people to pay for online and offline goods by entering their phone number.

American Express flexes its muscles in local deals market

American Express, a 162-year-old financial services company, is marshaling its vast resources in pretty impressive ways to create what could be one of the strongest offerings in the local commerce space. The company said it’s just getting started with partnerships with Facebook, Foursquare and SCVNGR.

Foursquare looks to AmEx to further loyalty program ambitions

Foursquare is going national with a partnership with American Express that will enable its members to redeem location-based deals by swiping their credit card. But the company faces challenges in proving that it can compete in the local commerce space.

Will Apps Become the New Wallet?

It’s pretty clear mobile payments and the idea of delivering payment capabilities as an app are finally hitting their stride, but amid the details of how we’ll pay for things online, what it will mean for our relationship to money and our relationships with retailers?