MobileTechRoundup podcast 276: Kindle Fire goes HD

On this week’s audio podcast, Matt and Kevin discuss what was — and wasn’t — shown off at the Nokia Lumia event. Both hosts are e-book readers, so did either buy a new Kindle? What about the new Kindle Fire HD tablets — worth buying or wait and see?

RIM finally comes clean, but time not on its side

The year of denial is over at Research in Motion. In a frank and overdue conversation with investors Thursday, new CEO Thorsten Heins finally admitted that the situation was dire and that “substantial change” is needed. Does he have enough time to effect that change?

Five Companies Steer All News

Prior to the digital age, there were three companies that, acting like undersea currents, steered all news. Namely, I am referring to the bi…

Top Sites Go Down After Amazon Outage

Amazon’s Web Services, which powers online services for a number of top sites, suffered an outage overnight and some well-known sites are do…

(Less Than) A Month In The Life of Tech

They say, when it comes to technology, a lot can happen in a month. Indeed! Being offline for three weeks, I have come back to a different tech landscape which means Eric Schmidt is no longer running Google and even the Facebook movie is a smash-hit.

Who Will Create iTunes for the Cloud?

Let’s face facts: Digital media management is a complete mess. Apple knows this and is looking to transition iTunes to the cloud, but companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon no doubt have ambitions that will lay serious competition at the gate of Cupertino’s walled garden.

Amazon Aims for Quality in Its Android App Store

Amazon is officially taking the wraps off its long awaited Amazon App Store for Android with the formal launch of a developer program. The Amazon App Store, which won’t arrive until sometime later this year, is aimed at creating a high-quality destination for Android app buyers.

Rovi Sues IMDb Over Online TV Guide Patents

Rovi Corp. appears to be making a play to get some leverage in the electronic TV guide market. The company has filed its second patent lawsu…

Amazon MP3 Hits the BlackBerry

The Amazon content juggernaut rambles on with the release of the Amazon MP3 app to the BlackBerry platform. The music store is available in the BlackBerry App World and brings the popular features “Free Song of the Day” and “Amazon’s Daily Deal” to the BlackBerry faithful.

Penny Smartphone Sale at Amazon Wireless

Those looking for a new smartphone should check out the penny sale at Amazon Wireless. BGR reports that all Verizon Droid smartphones are only one red cent through Nov. 22, and investigation shows there are also BlackBerry devices, including the brand new Torch on AT&T.

Read That Amazon Studios Contract Carefully, Kids

Amazon Studios offers aspiring filmmakers more exposure by giving them a chance at prize money and the opportunity to see their projects made into “major feature films.” But with no name talent involved, what they really get is a chance to surrender their IP.

Amazon Opens Windowshop on iPad Screen

Amazon isn’t just about Kindles; it sells millions of items, and those are now easier than ever to find on the iPad with the release of Windowshop. The app puts a touch-friendly face on the Amazon online store, designed to help customers find what they want.

Where Is Android’s Go-To Place for Paid Videos?

Android doesn’t offer a complete solution especially when it comes to video content. Sony is trying to correct the problem with the release of a new Crackle video app, but it only points up the need for a more comprehensive solution, something hopefully Google is working on.

Updated: BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Two E-Reader Apps

RIM unveiled the BlackBerry tablet yesterday, and indicated it is aimed at the enterprise professional. Tablets make good e-readers, so RIM was showing off the Kobo e-book reader app on the new PlayBook. Amazon also announced its intention to put the Kindle app on the PlayBook.

Books: The Reports of My Death are Greatly Exaggerated

E-books are growing in popularity, as Amazon is fond of pointing out. Despite that growth, pundits are boldly predicting the end of physical books, but looking at the numbers makes it clear that e-books aren’t replacing the paper variety any time soon.

Amazon: Death by Cloud for Traditional Software

Though few seem to notice, Amazon is not-so-quietly building out its Amazon Web Services (AWS) to take on traditional enterprise computing…and win. While today AWS mostly undermines only the software businesses of open-source vendors like Red Hat, tomorrow it will likely challenge the giants of enterprise applications.

The 5 Most-Used Android Apps on My Phone

The Android Market is a hustling bodega of app goodness that is growing by leaps and bounds. To borrow a famous line, no matter what you need to do with an Android phone, there’s an app for that. Here are the most-used apps on my EVO.

Amazon Launches Startup Challenge

Amazon Web Services today launched its fourth annual startup-challenge, a contest that is open to startups that are using the Amazon platform in innovative ways. The big winner gets $100,000 prize — half in cash and half in AWS services. Previous winners include Ooyala.

Dynamic Pricing Comes to Amazon's Cloud

Amazon, with its Spot Instances service announced today, is bringing dynamic pricing to the cloud by allowing customers to bid for compute cycles. The move helps Amazon boost margins by ensuring unused capacity doesn’t sit idle, and may even help it charge more for urgent jobs.

Amazon Cuts More Affiliates To Avoid Sales Tax

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) understandably doesn’t want to charge state sales taxes — and to avoid doing so, it’s cutting loose thousands of market…

Price Hikes Dampened iTunes Sales

Last week was the first week of iTunes’s new, steeper pricing on some tracks, and consumers voted with their wallets, according to Billboard…

Amazon Launches Game Download Service

*Amazon* hasn’t provided any meaningful sales info on its digital music and book downloads — but today’s launch of a downloadable games sto…

Amazon MP3: Heading Towards British Soil?

Is Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) readying a launch of its MP3-based store in the United Kingdom? Amazon executives have been visiting British label h…

First Look: Testing Out Amazon MP3

A quick test of Amazon’s (NSDQ: AMZN) new DRM-free “Amazon MP3” offerings suggests that the service works as advertised, perhaps even exceed…

Earnings: Amazon 1Q Profit More Than Doubles (Nasdaq:AMZN) reported that its 1Q net income leaped 115 percent to $111 million, while sales rose 32 percent to $3.02 billion ve…

Earnings: Amazon Wins New Friends may have won new friends on Wall Street after posting a better-than-expected third quarter. The company expects to have…

Amazon Unbox: Analyst React

Jason Asaeda, Standard & Poor’s (via BW): “We see the breadth of available content and Amazon’s large customer base as positives. But we thi…

Amazon Unbox: Some Oddities and Idiocies

Staci has listed her first experience and some oddities of’s movie and TV download service below. I’ll list some oddities and idi…

More Details on Downloading Plans

NYT has some more details on’s movie and video download plans (Variety had most of these details in a January story, though): it…