Amazon Web Services

Netflix open sources tool to clean up your AWS cloud

Netflix open sourced the code to Janitor Monkey, a tool it uses to automate the deletion of unused Amazon Web Services resources. It’s easy to spin up cloud compute instances, but not so easy to shut them down as they fall into disuse.

AWS re: Invent 2012

Amazon Web Services has been nothing short of a phenomenon, providing the back-end engine for a generation of web and mobile applications…

Amazon CloudSearch takes on Google

Google take notice: Amazon Web Services is now pushing a “fully managed search service” for web or mobile app developers. CloudSearch promises to ease the provisioning headaches of web developers who need to build search into their commerce or other sites.

Making a T-Mobile iPhone is harder than it sounds

Adding T-Mobile support to the iPhone may sound simple, but it’s a much more difficult task than it appears. New bands don’t just necessitate new antennas, but a complete phone redesign. T-Mobile’s Apple moment may come with the iPhone 5, but don’t hold your breath. Raises $2M in New Funding

Straight on the heels of introducing a new feature that could cut cloud-based encoding time in half, has raised a Series B round of financing worth $2 million. The funding comes just a week after competitor Zencoder also raised a $2 million funding round.

Jan. 3: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Heading into the new year, there are a lot of questions, including whether Netflix is a friend of open source and whether Facebook will build more data centers. In some cases, such as Apple move into cloud services, the only question remaining is “when?”.

Is Amazon Planning a Cloud Encoding Service?

Amazon is looking to add a new cloud encoding service to its web services portfolio. While creating the new encoding service would fit neatly into its AWS plans, it could also potentially displace some customers who rely on its infrastructure for their own cloud encoding services.

10 Reasons Enterprises Aren't Ready to Trust the Cloud

As important as cloud computing is for startups and random, one-off projects at big companies, it still has a long way to go before it can prove its chops. So let’s turn down the noise level and add a dose of reality. Here are 10 reasons enterprises aren’t ready to trust the cloud.

A Window on the Cloud

Outsourcing compute power is wonderful — until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when an Amazon Web Service goes down it’s hard to know…

Amazon SimpleDB 101 & Why It Matters

SimpleDB is hugely disruptive. Sure, it will take some time to evolve the new thinking patterns and new design disciplines that this technology forces us to consider. To do so, consider this breakdown of the similarities and differences between SimpleDB and conventional relational databases.

How good is free?

Skype CEO Niklas Zennström is back to taunting telecoms, this time at CeBIT. His rallying cry: “Free is good. Free service is…