Amazon S3

AWS now stores 1 trillion objects in S3

Amazon S3 now hosts more than a trillion objects for its cloud computing customers, proving once again that AWS is the king of the cloud. That’s 142 objects for every person on Planet Earth or 3.3 objects for every star in the galaxy.

Basho arms would-be Amazon killers with AWS-compatible storage

Basho, a startup that’s already jumped into the NoSQL database deep end, just released cloud-based storage services built on that NoSQL foundation. Expect the competition to be fierce: RiakCS joins a huge pool of cloud storage offerings from everyone from Amazon to Zettanet.

Amazon slices S3 storage prices

In its bid to stay the high-volume, low-margin provider of cloud storage, Amazon cut prices on standard S3 storage, according to the Amazon Web Services website. The price changes — good for the U.S. region — are retroactive to February 1.

Amazon fuses your storage system with its cloud

Amazon Web Services is rolling out a new feature called Storage Gateway that lets companies upload data to its cloud-storage services directly from their on-premise storage systems. This should enable cloud cloud backup and cloud bursting without worries about latency as data traverses the Internet.

Amazon brings single sign-on to AWS management

Another day, another Amazon web service: This time, Amazon is making it easier for authorized business users to manage their Amazon Web Services infrastructure after signing on — once — to their corporate network. That sign-on will give them access to AWS Management Console.

Backblaze now backs up whatever you’ve got

If it’s possible to make “unlimited” more unlimited, Backblaze says it has done so with the latest release of its online storage service. Users can now store bigger files than ever or whole VMs, for the same $5 per computer per month price Backblaze charged before.