Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Amazon isn’t just an online store anymore: it is emerging as perhaps the most serious challenge to Apple’s dominance of the tablet…

Ads on Kindle Fire HD tablets: Bad news or just business?

Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD tablets are impressive and aggressively priced, but unlike prior Kindles, you can’t pay extra to turn off the special offer ads. Business models are clearly changing to reflect the new digital economy, but has Amazon gone too far this time?

How the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight glows: Science!

Back in April, Barnes & Noble one-upped Amazon by introducing the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, taking e-ink reading out of the dark. So how did Barnes & Noble get light evenly across the display? It’s not just technology magic, but science that makes it work.

Amazon yanks 5,000 Kindle titles in fight over terms

Amazon has turned off the buy button on nearly 5,000 Kindle titles from distributor Independent Publishers Group after IPG refused to capitulate to Amazon’s demand for better terms…

Kindle Fire edges Galaxy Tab as most used Android tablet

The Kindle Fire in just a couple months has barely edged passed the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the most used Android tablet with 35.7 percent of application user sessions, according to Flurry. This is despite the fact that the Fire only hit the market in mid-November.

Two years, 55M iPads later, Apple still rules tablets

Just under two years since Apple introduced the original iPad, the company said Tuesday that it’s now sold a total of 55 million units. And in the last three months of 2010 alone, Apple sold 15.4 million, a company record.

There’s room for both tablets and e-readers (for now)

Although there’s some overlapping functionality between tablets and e-readers, it doesn’t seem to set up either device to cannibalize the other; at least not yet. The number of adults who owned either a tablet or an e-reader doubled this holiday season. Here’s why neither is “winning.”

App downloads are (Kindle) Fire-d up!

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was one of the most popular devices on sale this holiday season. The tablet, which is based on a version of Android OS, is expected to rival iPad. Data from Read It Later, a time-shifted reading app, only proves that point.

Apple pushing publishing at its next event? It should be.

According to reports circulating Monday, Apple could be hosting a special media event in January. The event won’t be about Apple’s next iPad if reports are correct, however. Instead, Apple will be talking directly to the publishing industry, and the time for that talk is ripe.

Plex app approved for Nook Color and Nook Tablet

Good news for fans of streaming media who also like low-cost tablets: Plex has ben approved for sale in the Barnes & Noble Nook Store. The app should be downloadable for Nook Tablet and Nook Color users sometime within the next 24 hours, according to Plex.

Now sync your own videos to the Kindle Fire with Miro

There will be millions of new Kindle Fire owners unwrapping the tablets over the holidays. Amazon wants users to buy movies and TV shows on the Kindle Fire, but those who want to transfer their own videos to the device can now do so with Miro.

Kindle Fire no longer blocks Android Market website

Earlier this week, I grilled Amazon for attempting to control web browsing activities on its Kindle Fire as the device was blocked from browsing Google’s Android Market website. With the new Kindle Fire software update, Amazon no longer blocks access, which is the right move.

Kindle for iPad, iPhone update outshines iBooks

Amazon updated its Kindle software for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch on Tuesday, introducing new features that ensure its app stays on the top of the e-reader pile, even now that it has its own tablet platform available in the Kindle Fire.

How to manually update the Kindle Fire without a PC

Amazon’s promised software update for its Kindle Fire is now live and rolling out to devices over the air. If you can’t wait and you’re not near a computer to download the software, no worries: You can do it all directly on the Kindle Fire.

The Morning Lowdown 12-1-11

»  At least someone in the market is optimistic about Spain and Italy – *Amazon* has just launched the Kindle there. (paidContent)…

Next e-reader innovation: scrolling E-Ink web pages

Amazon’s Kindle has lit a fire under the e-book market, but don’t count out the smaller players. Bookeen, an e-book company since 1998, has a new high-speed E-Ink technology that supports scrolling menus and web pages. Is the e-book market ready for more innovation? Bring it!

iCloud snafus point to dark side of consumer cloud

Apple’s highly anticipated iCloud consumer cloud service went live last week in a debut marred by snafus that show that cloud providers addressing the consumer market still have some kinks to work out when it comes to easing data transition from device to cloud.

Tablets wars: Apple is from Venus, Amazon is from Mars

They say Apple has met its first real tablet competitor. And no, it is not Samsung or Motorola. Instead it is from Amazon. And while there is some truth to that assertion, I wouldn’t put a lot of weight in the argument. Here is why.

(Armed with cloud) Amazon’s Silk joins the browser wars

At its highly anticipated Kindle Fire launch, Amazon also took the wraps off its own browser. Amazon Silk, which relies on the Kindle Fire end point — for the cool UI — and Amazon’s powerful cloud — for the heavy lifting — promises a better user experience.

Hands on with Kindle Cloud Reader for iPad

Apple no longer allows e-book sellers to link out to their stores, which is likely why Amazon introduced a new web-based app that works outside of Apple’s official software distribution channel on Wednesday. Here’s a look at the new Kindle Cloud Reader, and its integrated store.

Amazon Makes Move to Join Book Publishing Big Leagues

In just the past few weeks, Amazon has launched two new book imprints, hired the former CEO of Time Warner books to launch more, making clear their intentions to grow publishing’s Big Six by one. Can the publishing industry withstand the Amazon onslaught?

Why the Future of Hardware Is Services

There is re-definition of the consumer electronics landscape and we are seeing a future for hardware that combines hardware, software and connectivity with specific services. Without the services, the devices may lose our attention and end up at the back of the proverbial drawer.

iPad Closes on Kindle, Google Looms Over Both

According to a ChangeWave survey, the iPad is about to surpass the Kindle as the favorite among consumers buying e-readers, and the just-announced Google Editions bookstore may help accelerate that trend. Regardless of the outcome of the Amazon/Google battle, Apple looks to reap the rewards.