Amazon Appstore

TextPlus Publisher Explains Why Developers Love Amazon Appstore

Despite the recent improvements to Android Market, Amazon’s Appstore for Android is still winning over developers who are increasingly drawn to its marketplace for apps. The latest is TextPlus messaging app publisher Gogii, who has the featured free app of the day on Amazon today.

PopCap Launches First Android Games Exclusively on Amazon Appstore

Amazon’s Appstore for Android scored another coup today, grabbing an exclusive on the first two titles from PopCap to appear on the Android platform. The gaming powerhouse said it will bring Chuzzle and Plants vs. Zombies to Amazon Appstore this month for separate two-week exclusive periods

Here Come the Phones With Amazon’s AppStore Installed

Amazon’s new AppStore will be pre-installed on the HTC Merge for Cellular South, marking the first handset to come with Amazon’s rival software store. Getting the AppStore on handsets is key for Amazon, which offers a free app each day and easy over the air installations.