Alcatel Lucent

Verizon begins its small cell rollout

Alcatel-Lucent says it’s begun deploying its tiny capacity-boosting base stations in Verizon’s network, and Ericsson is probably is doing the same. Don’t expect the big small cell deployment we’re seeing from AT&T, though.

Alcatel-Lucent makes its network play for the cloud

Nuage Networks is a new venture from Alcatel-Lucent that wants to remove the networking complexities of building out a cloud platform. The venture was formed last year and will show off its wares to customers this month. Yet, it already has plenty of competition.

Is Ruckus the next big Wi-Fi acquisition target?

Ericsson having successfully bagged BelAir Networks, Ruckus Wireless now has a big target painted on its flank. As Ericsson’s competitors look to integrate Wi-Fi much more deeply into their mobile network portfolios, buying Ruckus would be the easiest way for them get there.

Next-gen mobile apps require new bandwidth options

For fancy, new-fangled 4G mobile apps to really take off in a world with very few unlimited data plans, service providers need advanced yield management and the ability to bundle requisite bandwidth up with the applications themselves.

Prevent the data tsunami from swamping cell networks

Nokia Siemens Network and AT&T offered new data points today on how mobile broadband demand may swamp networks, but each also offered solutions outside of throttling and raising prices. With some technical savvy and Wi-Fi, maybe the mobile future isn’t so impossible.

In AT&T & T-Mobile Merger, Everybody Loses

AT&T is buying T-Mobile USA for a whopping $39 billion in cash and stock. The questions are who wins and who loses in this deal. It is hard to find winners apart from AT&T and T-Mobile. Here a list of who loses this deal:

Meet the New Mobile Network: It’s a Cloud

The crush of smartphones, tablets and laptops all vying for ever more bandwidth intense content, has forced mobile operators to beef up their backhaul, rally for more spectrum and implement new network technologies. It’s also reshaping the way they build out their networks.

We’re Getting 10 Gbps . . . for Wireless Backhaul

Alcatel-Lucent this morning announced fiber technology to deliver 10 Gigabits per second, but this won’t be used for residential connections anytime soon. This is for beefing up the back end of mobile broadband networks, especially as operators add components such as picocells in congested areas.

LTE Coming Soon to the Smart Grid

The next-generation wireless broadband technology Long Term Evolution (or LTE), might not be available to the utility world just yet, but that isn’t stopping a handful of vendors touting LTE smart grid solutions at DistribuTECH next week, including Alcatel Lucent and Tantalus.

Alcatel-Lucent Forms Coalition To Promote 4G

Alcatel-Lucent has formed the ng Connect Program, a multi-industry initiative dedicated to “establishing a rich and diverse ecosystem of inf…