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Arab Spring helps Livestation to grow audience tenfold

Livestation has seen its audience size explode ever since the beginning of the Arab Spring earlier this year. The company’s success makes you wonder whether other news networks that restrict their live feeds to pay TV subscribers are really doing the right thing.

12 Ways to Watch Al-Jazeera English

Anyone interested in following the continuing unrest in the Middle East should pay attention to Al-Jazeera English, whose reporting about Egypt’s revolution has been unrivaled. The network isn’t available through any major U.S. cable provider, but there are still plenty of ways to tune in.

Al-Jazeera, Roku and the Future of Online Video

Thanks to its addition of Al Jazeera English, Roku users around the country can now watch coverage of Egypt on their TVs. But cable giants are trying to stymie innovation by Roku and others, and have threatened to throttle or block content that competes with them.

Forget Cable; Al-Jazeera English Is Now On Roku

Viewers interested in watching Al-Jazeera’s coverage of unrest in Egypt has largely been limited to watching live streams online. But the network is also now available on viewer TV sets, through live and on-demand feeds that can be accessed on Roku broadband set-top boxes.

Al-Jazeera Traffic Skyrockets Due to Egyptian Unrest

Did you watch the unrest in Egypt unfold via Al-Jazeera’s English-language live feed? You’re not alone: The Qatar-based news network has seen its traffic syrocket – and it now intends to use some of this momentum to finally gain a foothold in the U.S. cable market.

Why Al-Jazeera Owns Internet TV’s Egypt Coverage

Al-Jazeera has been reporting live from the unrest in Egypt, attracting countless viewers from all around the world to it’s English-language 24/7 TV feed. The network’s strong online presence is a direct result of being ignored by all of the big U.S. cable networks.