Do federated clouds deliver?

Federated clouds, the idea that customers can span different clouds with their computing and data, decided on cost, location or other variables, isn’t really available today, but there’s hope that it will emerge in the future and help service providers compete against Amazon.

Mobile data is growing, but voice & sms slowing

The rise of smartphones is bringing about massive changes in the mobile industry, according to data collected by researchers. Data revenues are moving on up and data usage is zooming at a time when voice and messaging sales have stalled for carriers.

David Kenny not in running for Yahoo CEO job

David Kenny, former Akamai executive and a veteran of the advertising business, is a board member of Yahoo and has been rumored to be in the running for the CEO position. However, in a statement to Ad Age magazine, he denied any such ambitions.

Worldwide, broadband demand and speeds are zooming

Akamai’s “State of the Internet” report for the second quarter of 2011 shows that the unrelenting march of broadband continues unabated across our planet. Not only are the number of broadband subscribers on the up, but so are the average speeds all around the world.

State of the Internet: What are the fastest cities in the world

Internet continues to grow bigger and bigger, thanks to growing number of Internet subscribers and Internet connected devices according to Akamai’s latest State of the Internet (for Q1, 2011) report. This expansion of the Internet is accompanied by steady growth in bandwidth and connection speeds.

Smartphones, iPads & the state of the mobile Internet

The first quarter of 2011 turned out to be a big one for the smartphone makers. A booming demand for personal hotspots, tablets and iPads has seen the usage of mobile data explode according to Akamai’s the State of the Internet report and Ericsson.

The Web Just Keeps Getting Bigger (and Faster!)

Akamai’s third quarter Internet traffic report that is expected to be released on Monday shows there’s no stopping broadband or the growth of the web. Once again the U.S. average broadband speeds aren’t topping the list at 5 Mbps, but adoption in the States is up.

State of the Internet: Mobile Web’s Explosive Growth

In 1999, it was the rapid growth of wired web services that was the top story. Fast-forward to today, and it is all about the demand for the mobile Internet (and its subset, the mobile Web), which is upending all expectations and predictions.

Akamai Powering Apple Live Stream (And I Can Prove It)

Apple has queued up Akamai to power today’s highly anticipated live stream of of product announcements by CEO Steve Jobs in San Francisco. Contrary to reports the company would use its new data center, the stream will be outsourced to Apple’s long-time CDN partner.

Asia Dominates Top 100 Fastest Internet Cities List

Despite a global economic downturn, the demand for broadband is growing globally, especially in Asia. It is hardly a surprise that Asian countries that favor fiber-based connections like South Korea and Japan now account for 59 of the top 100 fastest cities in the world.

Akamai Not Going to Compete With Amazon or Rackspace, CEO Says

In a Q&A with Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, we ask how the company defines its cloud services, why cloud optimization is important to its customers and how companies that provide cloud services can overcome enterprise questions about network security or outages in the cloud.

The World Cup Yields Record Tweets and Traffic

A week of the World Cup has passed and traffic online and at sites like Twitter have hit impressive highs. Tweets hit a record during the Japan-Cameroon game of 2,940 tweets per second, while Cisco noted that web traffic over was up 27 percent.

Akamai Going Mobile With Velocitude Buy

Akamai, in a move aimed at helping it better deliver customer websites to a wider range of mobile devices, has acquired mobile services company Velocitude to dynamically transform customer websites to fit all the different screen sizes and form factors of mobile devices.

Akamai Ranks Fastest Cities in the US

Berkeley, California heads up the top ten fastest cities in the US, most of them home to colleges. They are well represented in the global-100 as well. Amongst large cities New York is the fastest and Delaware is still the fastest state in the Union.

The State of the Internet: Now Bigger, Faster & Mobile

The Internet got bigger, faster and more mobile in 2009, according to Akamai’s “The State of the Internet” report. Akamai’s network saw a sharp increase in mobile usage, and thanks to the iPhone was accompanied by more connections with speeds of 25 Mbps or more.

Akamai's Network Now Pushes Terabits of Data Every Second

The growth in the number of broadband users and mobile Internet subscribers along and growing popularity on online video has helped push the amount of data flowing on the Internet for past few years. Akamai says it is now sending many terabits of data every second.

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Are you getting the metrics you need to monetize your online video? Akamai’s Media Analytics solution helps companies gain deep insight into their audiences –- what they’re watching, for how long and from where — so they can better their

How Big Were the Winter Olympics Online?

The Winter Olympics that were held in Vancouver, Canada, were a watershed moment in the history of online video. Akamai, a Cambridge, Mass.-based content delivery network with a global footprint, helped collect some of the stats about the Vancouver Olympics and they are truly mind-boggling.

Has Cyber Monday Been Time-Shifted?

The cyber shopping rush has already begun, with Akamai reporting that at around 11:30 a.m. ET some 6,591,354 global visitors per minute were hitting retail sites, which is about 48 percent above normal.

King of Pop Proves to be King of Traffic: MJ's Online Memorial Pushes Internet's Limits

King of Pop is proving to be the king of online traffic. Michael Jackson’s memorial pushed Internet to its limit. According to some estimates, it was second largest Internet traffic day — second only to June 25th when the news of his death first hit the web. Here is a complete breakdown of stats and numbers from various sources including Akamai, Gomez, UStream, Facebook and Twitter.

Akamai Up On Idle Chatter

Akamai, a leading content distribution network, saw its stock jump almost 6 percent to about $23.97 a share today, leading to speculation…