YouTube on Roku: Twonky gets it done, AirPlay-style

YouTube never had an official Roku channel, but Roku users may have finally gotten a way to easily watch their favorite YouTube videos anyway: Twonky Beam, an app for Android and iOS, makes it possible to stream YouTube videos to the Roku in an AirPlay-like fashion.

YouTube for Google TV gets AirPlay-like functionality

Google TV just got a little more Apple-like: Android users can now use AirPlay-like functionality to send videos from their mobile phones and tablets to their Google TV devices. Google has said that it wants to bring that functionality to other platforms as well.

Netflix has big plans for the second screen

Netflix is getting ready to let users control the playback on their TV with their mobile phones. The company recently added support for such AirPlay-like features to the PS3, and is now looking to extend support to a number of other connected devices.

Qualcomm’s plan to win the battle for the digital home

Qualcomm Atheros is bringing the power of its Skifta DLNA Android app to routers, set-top boxes and other home gateway devices: Router manufacturers can license the Skifta Engine for their own hardware. But for Qualcomm, capturing the living room is just a first step.

VHX optimizes its social discovery site for the iPad is going mobile in a big way. The social video discovery startup, which launched its website earlier this year, has optimized its platform to work on Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. It even has AirPlay for watching videos on your Apple TV.

Apple’s AirPlay Arrives on Android: DoubleTwist

Android smartphones and tablets can now stream music, videos and photos to AppleTV over Wi-Fi using the doubleTwist AirSync application. A quick test of the software shows that its simple to configure and can pipe digital media output to AppleTV with the tap of a button.

AirPlay Is Coming to Apps, Except the Ones You Use

Apple’s iPad can now stream video directly from an app to the Apple TV, thanks to an update to the AirPlay feature in iOS 4.3. However, most of the apps that people use to watch video on the iPad probably won’t support AirPlay anytime soon.

Getting Around Apple’s AirPlay Limitations

Some of Apple’s technologies stop just a little short of greatness. That’s where third-party applications come in to complete the picture (and the sound). Airfoil helps extend Apple’s AirPlay on Macs and iOS devices, and a brand new app called AirView improves AirPlay’s video playback abilities.

Video: Apple’s AirPlay is Kind of Pointless

Apple’s new iOS 4.2 introduced the ability to stream video from your iPad to the Apple TV. Sounds like a great feature, right? It does, until you realize that most apps don’t actually support AirPlay. Even Apple’s own YouTube application leaves a lot to be desired.

Apple Posts iOS 4.2 iPad Details, No Release Date Yet

Apple has posted a new “Coming Soon” tag on its page about the iOS 4.2 update for iPad. The update has already reached GM status in pre-release, so it should be ready for release soon. Steve Jobs originally announced that it would be available in November.

AirPlay Pulled From Some Apps in Latest iOS 4.2 Beta

In a development that could result in a major limitation of Apple’s new AirPlay streaming tech, iOS 4.2 Beta 3, just released today, removes the AirPlay option from certain apps. Specifically, blog MacStories has found that it no longer appears in the built-in YouTube app.

Orb’s Streaming Music Puck Shoots, But Will it Score?

Orb’s Music Puck, a $69 device that streams digital over a home network is launching just two months before Apple’s similar AirPlay functionality arrives in iOS devices. Music on Orb is controlled with a free smartphone app. Can Orb’s new hardware compete against Apple’s music juggernaut?