Fox sues to shut down Aereo copycat over TV streaming

Broadcasters are in a pitched fight with Aereo over whether the TV-streaming service violates copyright. Now, Fox is suing an Aereo copycat called The cases will help define the laws for how we watch TV in coming years.

The future of TV isn’t TV, it’s broadband.

As government strives to keep up with the broadband age, the Senate held a hearing covering the future of television, but midway through I realized that the Senate has it all wrong. The future of TV isn’t found in deregulation, it’s found on the Internet.

Watch out, Aereo: Skitter brings live TV to Roku

Want to watch live TV on your Roku without subscribing to cable? Then you should take a look at Skitter, which is rolling out a low-cost live TV service for connected devices. Simliar efforts have failed in court in the past, but Skitter is completely licensed.

Broadcasters sue to stop $12 streaming service Aereo

Well, that was quick. Two weeks ago, Barry Diller announced an ambitious cloud-based TV service that streams over-the-air channels to internet devices for $12 a month. This week, broadcasters offered their opinion in the form of a lawsuit that seeks to shut off the service.

IAC-backed Aereo makes a big play for cord cutters

The promise of cord-cutting may get a lot brighter with the introduction of Aereo, a new TV broadcast service backed by IAC that enables mobile devices, set-top boxes, TVs and PCs to receive local broadcast programming over the Internet.