Adobe Flash

SlideShare ditches Flash, rebuilds entire site in HTML5

SlideShare has had a major makeover. The company has ditched Adobe Flash technology entirely, and rebuilt its website using the HTML5 markup language. Starting Tuesday, now runs on HTML5 on both desktop and mobile devices. But making the big switch was not easy.

Flash Cuts CPU Usage With Hardware Acceleration

The newest version of Adobe’s Flash Player is out and can provide more efficient video playback through its Stage Video hardware acceleration technology. The plug-in is up to 34 percent more efficient than previous versions, cutting CPU usage down to below 15 percent.

Vid-Biz: Flash 3-D, TiVo, AT&T

Today on the Net: Adobe will add 3-D capabilities to an upcoming release of its Flash plugin, TiVo is working on developing a whole-home DVR that takes advantage of MoCA technology and AT&T could drop AMC, WeTv and IFC as part of a carriage dispute.

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 10.1 But Most People Can’t Use It

Adobe announced availability of Flash Player 10.1 for mobile partners, barely meeting prior expectations for a mid-year delivery. But for most end users, Adobe hasn’t delivered anything today. The longer it takes to get Flash on phones, the more its fate is out of Adobe’s hands.

Why Porn and the iPad Are Key for HTML5

Appleā€™s move to ban Adobe Flash from its iOS has opened a huge window for any technology that can deliver a top-notch multimedia experience on the iPad and other Apple gadgets. And porn purveyors are starting to tilt the balance in favor of HTML5.

Vid-Biz: Adobe Flash, Google TV, Cisco Quad

Today on the Net: Adobe expects its Flash Player to be available on 250 million mobile devices by 2012, Google TV is the search giant’s way to get into the $70 billion TV market and Cisco is pushing video to enterprises with its Quad offering.

It's About Time: Adobe Divests Itself From iPhone OS

Adobe is finally throwing in the towel, saying it will no longer invest in CS5 for Apple’s mobile OS. But it shouldn’t have taken Adobe this long to realize it wasn’t welcome on the iPhone — the company played a waiting game and it lost.

UPDATED: Adobe CEO Has His Own Reality Distortion Field

Adobe still plans to deliver Flash 10.1 on mobile devices — CEO Shantanu Narayen says that smartphones need it and will see Flash in the second half of this year. Ironically, Narayen argued Flash’s relevance in a video interview that works just fine on an iPad.