This or that? AdMob founder’s startup Maybe can tell you

Getting feedback on decisions isn’t always easy as it sounds, especially when it involves visual options or more in depth questions. That’s a problem that former AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui is trying to target with his new startup Maybe.

Ex-AdMobbers nab $6.5M to build cross-platform cookies

A team ex-AdMob and Google scientists are launching Drawbridge, which allows advertisers to target consumers across desktop and mobile. The company is coming out of stealth mode with $6.5 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital

Good day for mobile ads: Millennial IPO soars

Mobile advertising’s best days are likely still off in the future, but that hasn’t stopped investors from snapping up shares of mobile ad firm Millennial Media on its first day as a public company, nearly doubling the company’s value in a few hours.

Report: AdMob ads dominate in Android apps

Xyologic, a mobile app search firm, has come up with what it says is the first break down of mobile advertising on Android apps, showing that Google’s AdMob is well ahead of rival ad providers. It found 89 percent of the top Android apps use AdMob.

Google pushes advertisers to optimize sites for mobile

Google has been prodding mobile website owners to optimize their sites for mobile. Now, it’s taking a more aggressive step by announcing that it will consider whether an advertiser has a mobile optimized site when assessing ads quality for all AdWords campaigns.

Mobile Rich Media Ads Getting Clicks & Eyeballs

Early signs of success for mobile rich media ads suggests they’re poised to take off. Volvo recently completed a video ad campaign with Admob on the iPhone and found the ads have led to almost a 10x improvement in click-through rates compared to traditional banner ads.

Mac 101: Target Disk Mode

Apple’s Target Disk Mode is an essential tool built-in to every Mac. It has become irrelevant simply because switchers today aren’t aware that it’s even there. Apple obviously notices this trend. Two of Apple’s current Macs don’t even include Firewire

AdMob Founder Omar Hamoui's Love-Hate Relationship With Apple

“It’s not technically possible” to serve mobile ads without analytics, said Omar Hamoui, the former CEO of AdMob, appearing on stage for the first time since his company passed through regulatory scrutiny to be acquired by Google (where he’s now VP of mobile ads).

iOS Battles Android for Market Share

Net Applications and AdMob have released their latest reports, and both suggest the protracted struggle for the future of mobile computing is far from over. As far as one can see into the future, there will be an abundance of apps and we can expect many Next Great Things

Apple Takes Mobile Ad Battle to Google, Blocks AdMob

Apple recently fired the first volley in a battle over the mobile ad market, by changing the terms of its iAds service to make things more difficult for third-party providers, including AdMob — now owned by Google. AdMob’s CEO says Apple’s move is “bad for consumers.”

FTC OKs Google-AdMob Deal, Citing Apple's iAd

Google is free to complete its purchase of AdMob after the Federal Trade Commission decided unanimously that the deal is unlikely to harm competition in the mobile advertising market. Ultimately, it was Apple’s plans to launch its own competitor that paved the way.

For Startups, Some Good News From Google

Google spent $145 million buying nine companies in the first quarter of 2010. And it seems the company is looking to open its wallet even wider as it continues its shopping spree. That is good news for web startups.

Why the FTC Should Approve the Google-AdMob Deal

The FTC says it will oppose Google’s $750 million acquisition of AdMob, the mobile ad platform. While the agency is right to take a close look at the deal, the mobile ad market is far from sewn up, and blocking the acquisition would be short-sighted.

iPhone, Android Dominating the Mobile Web

Smartphones now account for 48 percent of traffic on the AdMob network, up from 35 percent a year ago, according to the company’s Mobile Metrics Report for February. The iPhone OS’s share rose to 50 percent of all requests and Android’s, to 24 percent.

The New Subsidy

It didn’t really surprise me in December when I learned that Google was buying AdMob, the leading mobile advertising platform. I was…

More Mobile Ad M&A on the Way

Mobile advertising is hot, thanks to surging smartphone sales, increased traffic on the mobile web and the explosion of mobile apps. So Google’s recent $750 million acquisition of AdMob is likely to spark another round of M&A activity in the space next year.

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App Developers: Show Us the Money

[qi:gigaom_icon_google-android] In this new mobile platform world, app developers are the new kingmakers. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t introduce…


Report: New Metrics for the Mobile Ad Market

Mobile epitomizes the shift in power to consumers, who have grown accustomed to controlling the kind of media they consume, how they consume it, when they consume it, and how they share their experiences through it. While the enormity of options available might seem overwhelming, it presents a rare opportunity for advertisers to communicate directly with the intended audience through sophisticated targeting, to precisely measure the impact of individual campaigns, to positively persuade the consumer to buy, and finally, to achieve the elusive nirvana of tying the purchase back to the advertising campaign in a scientific manner. Mobile advertising presents a unique opportunity to the media ecosystem not only to make traditional media more accountable but also to reinvent interactive advertising in the most fundamental way. Mobile ad networks play the important role of a broker between advertisers and publishers. The ad ecosystem has evolved over the last 12 months. In this report we will take a look at the value chain, the evolution and the players, and discuss some emerging themes in this segment.

AdMob Buys Mobile Ad Competitor AdWhirl

AdMob, a San Mateo, Calif.-based mobile advertising company, said today that it’s buying AdWhirl, which lets publishers switch between ad networks on…

AdMob Adds Ads To Android Apps

Mobile Advertising Platform AdMob said today it has started serving mobile ads to applications built for the the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android…

With iPod Touch (& iPhone) Apple Will Rule the Mobile Web

More and more people are using their iPod Touch devices to access the Internet, making it one of the fastest growing mobile Internet devices. Together, with iPod Touch and iPhone, Apple is becoming the king of the Mobile Web. At least for now!

How About That iPhone Bump?

It has been widely reported that iPhone owners use data connections to surf the Internet more often than people whose smartphones have built-in browsers do. Now the very same dynamics are working their magic on all those applications that were made available on the iTunes App Store. Get ready to see the iPhone bump. Continue Reading.