Kickstarter for iOS: Seven great product ideas

You may have already heard of The Elevation Dock for the iPhone or the LunaTik Watchband for the iPod nano or even the Pebble E-Paper Watch, but here are seven equally great product concepts for iOS products that you may also be interested in supporting.

LunaTik Lynk review: The zenith of iPod nano watchbands?

There are now plenty of iPod nano wristband accessories out there to choose from. But a new one from Kickstarter record-breaker Scott Wilson’s Mnml design studio does a remarkable job of standing out from the crowd, thanks to attention to detail you won’t find in competitors.

Wacom goes big with new 24-inch Cintiq 24HD

If you’ve never used a drawing tablet, then Wacom’s Cintiq line might seem like an overly expensive curiosity. But for pros whose daily workflow includes digital drawing or photo manipulation, the new Cintiq 24HD is likely to turn more than a few heads.

Cooking Your Steak With Bluetooth and the iPhone

As grilling season begins in the U.S., the mystery behind the “hottest” product at Macworld 2011 becomes much more pertinent: what is the iGrill and does it work? And more importantly, is it worth it? I put my culinary skills on the line to find out.

Rokstand Review: An iPhone Stand With Motorsport Roots

An iPhone stand that costs almost as much as an iPhone ($169) will raise a few eyebrows, mine included. Yet, I was simply amazed at what a masterful piece of art and engineering the RokForm folks created with the Rokstand, a mighty marvel of industrial engineering.

So You Got an iPad, Now What?

Were you lucky enough to open an iPad Christmas morning? Then you might be wondering what to do with your new tablet now that you’ve got one. We’ve got you covered, with a healthy selection of info, tips, apps and accessory reviews.

iPod Nano Watch Kits Nab Nearly $1M in Funding

Earlier, we reported that the TikTok and LunaTik watchband kits for the iPod nano had broken a funding record on Kickstarter. Well, fast forward to now, with the funding about to close, and the project has garnered more than $900,000 in funding.

The Apple Anti-Gift Guide

There are a lot of Apple gift guides floating around, as we’re getting into prime holiday shopping time. We thought we’d instead use our collective experience here at TAB to create an anti-gift guide. Here’s what you shouldn’t give this holiday season.

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Unlike most hard protective cases that typically consist of separate front and back parts, the Power Support Air Jacket for iPhone 3G…

Styli for iPhone & iPod touch

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