3D TV stumbles again as BBC presses pause

Like ESPN before it, the BBC will no longer broadcast programs in three dimensions. The media giant’s 3D chief claims that TV viewers “concentrate in a different way” from those in cinemas.

Too many options: Which 3-D is for you?

Like 3-D? Well get ready to research like mad trying to figure out what system will work best. There are seven types of display decoder technologies that deliver stereogrpahic 3-D on 13 platforms including common ones like TVs and cinemas, making for 91 possible combinations.

Need a bikini, ladies? Print one with a 3-D printer!

The summer swim season is almost upon us in the northern half of the globe, meaning the swimsuit sales have already begun. Why go retail when you can print a bikini? That’s the idea behind Continuum Fashion’s N12 bikini, which uses a new solid Nylon.

How mobility is stressing the chip industry

Qualcomm can’t find enough capacity to manufacture chips designed for mobile phones. These troubles will become more common as the physics that govern how we make semiconductors buckles under the demands of our increasingly mobile lives, where we demand low power and high performance.

Numecent revisits old technology for the new web world

Semi-stealthy startup Numecent says its virtualization technology speeds up the remote operation of server applications. It also launched Approxy, a spinoff, to bring its technology to the gaming world, which also has problems with slow connections and devices that aren’t quite smart enough.

LG bets again on a niche feature with Optimus Max 3D

At Mobile World Congress, LG will introduce the Optimus Max 3D smartphone. The Android 2.3 handset continues the company’s push toward using 3D technology to differentiate its phones from competitors. That strategy has yet to see a reward, however, as LG missed sales estimates in 2011.

Pearl Media bringing 3-D media to branding. Is 3-D ready?

THQ is launching Saints Row: The Third at Comic-Con 2011 with a bang, including a giant booth with an adults-only booth show, a pimp dressed all in purple, and a multimedia showcase involving dual-screen 3-D animations introducing the game. Is 3-D ready to be everywhere?

LG continues the 3-D smartphone trend with Optimus 3D

LG is continuing its bet on 3-D technology, today announcing availability of its Optimus 3D handset first in Europe and later in 60 other areas around the world. The dual-core handset uses a stereoscopic display, so no 3-D glasses are needed for stills or videos.

HTC EVO 3D phone, View 4G tablet hit Sprint June 24

Sprint stores will begin carrying a 3-D smartphone and a 7-inch tablet on June 24, both of which run Google Android and use the operator’s WiMAX network. The $199 HTC Evo 3D boasts two camera sensors to create 3-D images which can be seen without glasses.

MIT Project Ditches the Glasses, Keeps the Mobile 3-D

Improved glasses-free 3-D screens could arrive on smartphones and other handheld devices based on HR3D, a dynamic new visual system developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The screens will also work at wide viewing angles and have the potential to save battery life.

Home 3-D Is DOA: Majority of U.S. Won’t Buy a 3DTV

Consumer electronics companies have invested heavily to make 3-D TV a success. But the more consumers use the technology, the less likely they are to buy, with 60 percent of North American survey respondents saying they won’t buy a 3DTV set in the next year.

Apple’s Patent May Unlock 3-D Technology

As it has with other technologies, Apple may hold the key to help bring 3-D technology to the masses. Apple has been awarded a patent on a new auto-stereoscopic 3-D projection system that allows multiple viewers to watch 3-D content without glasses.

India Has a 3-D Cell Phone: No Glasses Required!

In India, Spice Mobility is offering the a 3-D handset that requires no special glasses. The M-67 3D costs Rs 4,299 ($97 US) and uses an auto-stereoscopic display. India may be late to the 3G wireless game, but is it leading the way to 3-D phones?

No Big Surprise: 3-D TV Not Catching On

Some bad news for consumer electronics manufacturers: 3-D TV is not taking off as quickly as expected. According to DisplaySearch, 3-D TV makers have been pushing the technology hard and making new products widely available, but to little avail, as consumer uptake has been limited.

35,000 Watch World’s First Live 3-D Concert

3-D isn’t just for sports and movies anymore: Close to 35,000 people watched what was billed as the world’s first 3-D live concert in Europe yesterday. The event was captured with five live-optimized 3-D cameras, and required a broadcast staff of more than 100 people.

Hollywood Gouges Theater-goers for Record Summer Box Office

Hollywood studios are riding high on record box office receipts, despite the lowest attendance in five years. Those record revenues are mostly the result of higher ticket prices for 3-D and other premium films showings, but come as theaters have raised prices for nearly all films.

Universal Dead Takes on Zombies, Gets a Feature Deal

The independently-created web series Universal Dead is just the latest example of how people keep finding new approaches to genres like zombie horror, ones that transcend medium. Because for Dead‘s creators, making a web series has paid off in a feature film deal.

Vid-Biz: Cable Declines, Cisco Eos, BBC 3DTV

Today on the Net: American cable subscribers dropped for the first time but execs say it’s due to the economy, Cisco’s Eos video platform is powering the London Olympics site and the BBC isn’t ready to back a 3-D technology quite yet.

Vid-Biz: Nielsen, FLO TV, 3-D in the Home

Today on the Net: Nielsen eyes a $1.75 billion IPO; despite big box office hits like Avatar, 3-D proponents Jeffrey Katzenberg and James Cameron foresee slow adoption of home 3-D TV and FLO TV hasn’t been nearly as successful as Qualcomm had hoped, the CEO says.

Vid-Biz: FLO TV, YouTube Leanback, ESPN 3-D

Today on the Net: FLO TV hopes to use the World Cup to garner more subscribers to its mobile video service, YouTube Leanback could get a big boost from being a part of Google TV, and ESPN expects big things from 3-D.

Iger: Hollywood Must Be Careful Not to Kill 3-D

Over the past year, 3-D has been good to Hollywood, but Disney president and CEO Bob Iger warned that the industry shouldn’t go overboard with the technology, and should take care not to “kill the goose that laid the golden egg.”

Will 3-D TV Be a Bust?

Despite strong box office sales of 3-D movies, TV programmers and consumer electronics manufacturers who are betting big on 3-D technology entering…

Sports Will Drive 3-D Adoption and Broadband Upgrades

Hollywood is cramming 3-D movies down audiences’ throats, but the real driver of 3-D demand was on display during the Master’s golf tournament. Sports, not movies, will drive 3-D adoption, and in doing so, may also lead to a wave of upgrades in last-mile broadband infrastructure.

HDMI Gets a 3-D TV Update

HDMI Licensing, the company responsible for (you guessed it) licensing the HDMI standard, has announced that it’s working on an update to…

3D, or Not 3D? That Was the Question at CES

3DTV was everywhere at this year’s CES. The real question for the industry, though, is whether consumers will be queuing up at Best Buy to get 3DTVs when sets start hitting retail floors later this year. And the answer is anything but clear.

Why Content Will Be Key for Mobile 3-D

As the hardware and software components fall into place for 3-D in mobile, content companies need to be ready to take advantage with compelling offerings that fully leverage the advancing technology.

Vid-Biz: Viacom, Kyte, 3-D

Viacom Lawyer Compares Suing File Sharers to Terrorism; general counsel Michael Fricklas admits that suing end users for online copyright infringement is…