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Shea Stewart

Shea Stewart

Often placed directly between the product and the end customer, Shea has focused his nearly 20 year IT career on helping Enterprises evaluate, design, deploy, and operate cutting edge technologies from the datacenter to the cloud. Shea enjoys the challenge of understanding how a new tool or product might fit into an existing environment and how it can be scaled effectively with the right processes and technical glue.

Shea is a born technologist and has held roles in engineering, architecture, and operational aspects of datacenter and cloud technologies. Shea has built and managed a DevOps focused professional services consulting firm where he coached and supported new consultants in the way of Cloud Native technology platforms with partner technology such as Google Cloud, Red Hat, HashiCorp, SysDig and many others. Shea has also held the role of CSO and talked at length about the inclusion of security tools and processes within development and deployment pipelines. Shea will never run as root.

Currently Shea focuses on developer platforms and their associated tool chains in the Cloud Native and DevOps landscapes and works with startups, enterprises, and governments alike to provide objective opinion from a practitioner viewpoint.