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Michael Levan

Michael Levan

Michael Levan is a seasoned engineer and consultant who spends his time working with startups and enterprises around the globe on cloud and DevOps projects. He also performs technical research as an analyst, creates real-world, project-focused content, and coaches engineers on how to cognitively embark on their engineering journey.

He has worked in industries ranging from healthcare, government, technology, security, and Bitcoin agencies, including Microsoft, HYPR, Vitals, Pluralsight, CBT Nuggets, and many government sectors. He has been able to leverage the vast knowledge gained from multiple technical positions and industries into technical research, content creation, and helping organizations reach levels of performance that weren’t previously in sight.

Michael is an engineer at heart. He loves helping the community by speaking internationally, blogging, writing books, and creating courses. His mission is to put his knowledge to work all around the world as a mentor and consultant on cloud and DevOps projects.