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Michael Delzer

Michael Delzer

Michael Delzer is a global leader with extensive and varied experience in technology. He spent 15 years as American Airlines’ Chief Infrastructure Architecture Engineer, and delivers competitive advantages to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations by leveraging market insights and accurate trend projections. He excels in identifying technology trends and providing holistic solutions, which results in passionate support of vision objectives by business stakeholders and IT staff. Michael has received a gold medal from the American Institute of Architects.

Michael has deep industry experience and wide-ranging knowledge of what’s needed to build IT solutions that optimize for value and speed while enabling innovation. He has been building and operating data centers for over 20 years, and completed audits in over 1,000 data centers in North America and Europe.. He currently advises startups in green data center technologies. 

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Companies are increasingly transitioning their traditional IT systems to the cloud, including everything from databases and applications to the underlying infrastructure. Behind the movement: the prospect of lower costs and improved agility that enables organizations to respond to change.

Join GigaOm Analyst Michael Delzer, Opsera CEO Chandra Ranganathan and Naresh Kedari, Senior Director IT – Technology & Connected Development at Honeywell, as they explore no-code DevOps orchestration and its impact on Honeywell’s transformation journey.

Cloud management platforms (CMPs) enable organizations to automate and manage applications across multiple environments. A CMP’s ability to track services at a high level is critical to the multi-year management needs of organizations deploying applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Today’s IT infrastructures are growing ever more complex as demand for digital transformation—and response to evolving business needs—increases. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures are becoming the norm, but that hasn’t meant that data centers and legacy applications have disappeared.

The importance of AIOps has increased in response to the rapid adoption of cloud and edge computing and the rising complexity these environments create. Intelligent tools act as a force multiplier for ops teams, helping them adapt to escalating demand even in the absence of budget and staff increases.

Low code and no code are terms that describe the latest generation of meta-language, visual, and GUI-driven development tools that enable applications to be built without deep technical knowledge of programming or integration.


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