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Matthew Kruczek

Matthew Kruczek

Matt Kruczek has been practicing programming and technology for over 20 years. He has consulted in many different business verticals including financial, retail, legal, manufacturing, insurance, and government and has done work for several Fortune 500 companies such as USAA, Travelers, Microsoft, Bank of America, and Johnson and Johnson. Matt has extensive experience in the software industry and has been responsible for architecting many different enterprise-level applications, frameworks, and guidelines to expedite and enhance application engineering. He is versed in numerous software categories, including substantial experience in cloud and web development.

Matt has also been an entrepreneur, partnering with his father to start his own software company right out of college that focused on developing software for Environmental Engineers. This gave him the opportunity to develop end-to-end solutions in a real-world environment as well as prepare him for his future leadership roles.

In addition to his current role as CTO of Tallan, Matt is also an avid Pluralsight author with over 15 separate courses credited to him as well as numerous webinars and blogs. Matts’s experience as a consultant as well as his passion for teaching has given him a unique insight into how people of all levels from the C-suite to front line workers view problems and what kinds of technology can be used as solutions.